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Be the Master of your EmpowerNetwork with own branded mobile APPS.-by Uwe Rosenkranz (Team ROSARY)

Mobile App Launch Party attendees line up to h...

Mobile App Launch Party attendees line up to have the pre-release app loaded onto their mobile devices by app developer Jeremy of Spark design. (Photo credit: Desert Rivers Audubon)

Get Rich with EmpowerNetwork with own branded mobile APPS.

How to be successful with your mobile home business

Optimizing ROSARY EmpowerNetwork

Actually, I feel like a chipmonk.-lol

Do you know this little fuzzy animals?

Dancing singing, entertaining – The Show Must Go ON!

While doing home business since 2004,

I tried many things to maintain success.

  • Writing philosophy about getting rich
  • Photo-shootings and video making
  • Setting up Blogs
  • Writing daily essays
  • Composing songs and give them studio quality
  • Branding my business
  • Creating mobile APPs
  • Develop my marketing tools
  • create working directories
  • build up new structures and architecture of internet marketing
  • move my business into comforting environments

Driving with my mobile Bureau and working from off road in the Greens is much fun!

Enjoying lifestyle meanwhile relaxing on the balcony, our terrace or our garden pool is

Giving you inspiration and recreation.

Video interviews on the streets provide authentic

Investigative journalism and can be published from mobile studio van.

Now, mobile APPs are a great help for publishing

Website entries, blog posts and multimedia contents

Live on air.

Even your blog subscribers can use

These Apps to edit and re-authorize your

Blog threads and spread your themes around

Their empowernetwork.

This multiplies your broadcasting power

And gives you just-in-time wealth for your breaking news.

When you want to pay a programmer

To develop your own EmpowerNetwork

Mobile Application, it may cost you about

8,000 – 10,000 $, branding it

Can easily tie another 2,000 bucks

Out of your wallet.

So, why not taking a little time and

Create your own branded EmpowerNetwork app

And optimize it for your successful home business?

We show you step by step, how

To design your dedicated app

And how to use it with more fun

And most efficiency.

Pls check out our apps on and .

These apps deliver a whole shopping system

And gives your EmpowerNetwork blog

The mobile app appearance.

But- wait! – we have so much more in the pipe!

If you are in our mastermind inner circle,

You are authenticated to get access rights

For our optimized EmpowerNetwork mobile apps


Did you think, that 10 years of successful

Home business is qualifying and giving the social proof

To educate more than 7,700 communities on

„How to get Rich“??

Yes, maintaining these advanced „Chip Monk“ tools

Turns the keys to your successful home business

With ROSARY EmpowerNetwork.

So, pls come on board.

Just click on

To be in our team ROSARY.

Your welcome!

Uwe AE. Rosenkranz

Sales engineer

Founder of RMI

Blogging for successful homebusiness with empowernetwork- 33 steps to get Your Blogging BA -by ArchBishop Rosary

Image representing WordPress as depicted in Cr...

Blogging for successful homebusiness-


33 steps to get Your Blogging BA

In my blogs ; ;

There are more than 33,000 subscribers registered.

Each day there are about 100 – 120 new leads coming

For successful homebusiness with empowernetwork.

But: why is this blogging so important

To be successful in Your homebusiness?

How can we with EmpowerNetwork

(or any other blogging homebusiness, like PureLeverage eg.)

Be successful?

In the above shown video we give to You

Blogging is creative, when

You use Microsoft WORD

To write Your blogging posts.

Then transfer the Blog entry to

One of your Blogs.

Your homebusiness needs excellent Blogging

To be successful, so,

Copy and paste the created HTML-code

To your WORDPRESS.ORG – Blog.

Here you may handcraft your blogging thread

With advanced blogging tools.

First, add a youtube video.

For this open your Youtube account manager

And copy the https- code of your video.

Then add the code into the blog entry in

Choose the right recommended Tags,

Categories, location, picture and related articles.

Publish Your new Blogging post in .

Then copy the whole html code again and

Insert it into your

EmpowerNetwork Blogging editor (in Text modus).

Change to visual modus.

Now choose your EmpowerNetwork

SEO keyword, Your categories and Tags

And add a picture.

Now give Your daily Blogging

A successful design that everyone

Can see Your corporate identity

In your homebusiness.

Safe your blogging post draft

And publish it, when the SEO score is


Take a view of Your new successful

Homebusiness Blogging thread.

Copy the blogpost link.

Paste it to your group

To create a social link.

For this add the link of the

Destionation page, a description,

And another picture.

Now your EmpowerNetwork

Blogging link is created.

Copy the social link,

Publish it to your teamtissa group.

Now you are ready.

This 33 steps helped you

To get your Blogging BA

To drive your successful homebusiness

With EmpowerNetwork

ArchBishop Uwe Rosenkranz


(Team Tissa)

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