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The Tenth Insight- from The Prophecies of Celestine, by ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

The Tenth Insight

If You are looking the film:


You will find 9 Insights.

ArchBishop ROSARY explains to You

These 9 insights and

Leads to the tenth insight.

  1. A change is happening.
  2. New thinking arises.

  1. Energies are flowing

Like the ROSETTA CORNERSTONE, found in the late 1800 rds,

The LIVING CORNERSTONE is presented.

  1. Peace , Love and Harmony are the goals.

  1. He connection to spiritual godly power will be reconstructed.

  1. A New Paradiga will be defined.

  1. Unconciousness gifts will be revealed and sensualized.

  1. A New Generation is fulfilling this culture.

  1. A Different future is created.

  2. THE ROSARY RIDGEBED ROUNDABOUT cornerstone appears

  3. The truth is revealed
  4. …. 10 looser ways identified…
  5. The tenths Insight comes into ovious action:

  6. Here it is, pls watch my film:

10th Insight
ç===== watch the movie !!!

ROSARY strategic teaching tools


Seed, Fruit and HARVEST



IMAGINE the figurative word of JESUS about Sawer, seed and fruit:
concerning to our teachings about the fishermen´s principles (archiv), we find the fructification rule of bringing fruit 30 – 60- and 100 times.
So, what is true and can be proofed in material world, even has a spiritual element.
We have established BIOSEAL to fix quality in that harvest.
So it can be seen in spiritual developement of RMI (ROSARY Ministries International
Who throws out much seed, will have much fruit!
So we see in internet platforms, social and economical websites (

THANKS TO THE LORD OF THE HARVEST! Philosophy for the celtic culture zone – part II Philosophy for the ce: ^UR

Philosophy for the celtic culture zone – part II



This essay is the second part of a philosophical framework concerning the so called celtic culture. It is intended to break down the ideas and illusional buildings, that cover the free sight unto the cross of JESUS Christ.

1. In the COLUMBAN REVOLUTION, an aera, that prepared the Renaissance in Europe, within one generation more than 300 monastries have been built by iro-celtic monks that spread the Christendom over the Donau- Belt, Gallia and Italy.
2. The raising intelligence of the druide-christian and jewish wisdom has been founded by alliances with the Roman-Franco Princes in the celtic culture zone, who gave their descendants into the monastries to learn and study.
3. Goodbye to the Platonical and Aristothelic Philosophers and the takeover of the ROMAN empire and it´s classical culture.
4. The decrease of the Pragmatical western-roman alliance, economical system and law and order.
5. The mystical element of modern believe, handcrafting and trade.

1 ) Like written before (ERIC II ; Essay part I), the cultural revolution take over the Franco-Roman Empire within one generation and was lead by a group of monks that started from Ireland.
In the following history the upcoming intelligence took victory in this celtic zone. Mystical elements of the old druid- magic came to synergistic empowerance with charismatically Christian believe.
It may be interesting that Mediterranean influence in this region can be proofed back the 1.550 years before Christ, that is called Bronze-time.

2 Jewish influence through advisors and wise teachers and prophets at the kings tables and within the monastries show the symbiosis between semitical and prosemitical (Seth) heiritage in the northern celtic zone.
Sure and indoubtable today the best practice example of semitic ruling in the new world order can be proofed by ISRAEL. This has been shown by leading the world in solutions for the challenge of Global Warming (essay GLOBAL WARMING,dto.).
But there is evenso a genetic heritage of the line of the brother of Sem, who both are blessed from their father NOAH. In this covenant the earth has been settled. The third (unblessed) brother, Ham, whose descendants, the hamites have been spread into the arab countries, and play no role in Europe. The semite branches of the tree out of the adamitic stem made a new covenant with YEHOWA through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who then has been called ISRAEL.
So ISRAEL may today be the asylum and homeland for the Israelian tribes. The muslim forefather is Ismael and he should increase in number, they shall be wild and against everyone and everyone against them. At last, they shall live in the cities of their brothers from ISRAEL. It is never proclaimed that Ham and Ismael will have an own land and state in the biblical region of ISRAEL.
All contracts made by humans are illegitim, like the Lillehammer(OSLO) contacts.
Ashcenasian jews out of the regions of Gog and Magog build today the ruling elite in the Middle east aerea of ISRAEL.
But still the old European jewish-christian line from the arean Set descendant line exists. Their heritage is not given in ISRAEL, but in the former celtic culture zone of EUROPE.

3 ) This philosophical framework is based on the 3 Milleniums of spiritual and scientifical development in old Europe.
My own bloodline and genetic pool can be followed back to the Second Millenium A.D. from Danmark and Schleswig (HITABU) .
Whereas Bonifacius and Wulfia, who brought the Franco- Roman Christendom to the northern celtic parts of Europe, teached to cut the trees and to build churches with the wood, the old Hitabu law of King + burguess justice to be held in TINGs, round natural sacrificed and glorified places are found.
In today political view it is the “Volksbegehren” – the legitime heartful desire of the peoples souls that shall be expressed and leads to binding decisions. This law and leading military objectives was the main reason for the German victory over the Roman empire.
Today the socalled Democraty depending on Greece-Roman roots is obviously uncovering as fashistical restoration of degenerated roman priesthood and thrones and common wealth.
It has no root in the iro-celtic jewish-christian movement, spirituality, moral and ethical framework of the overwhelming mayority of the European people.
Pretending the might would be democratically given as (voice and decision of the people) governemental, law and order politaia and freemasonry justice, that uses or better misuses the Roman-Italic Medici codex in medical and psychological concentration camps, tries to hold the powers and riches of old Europe together in unity with the alliance of evil spirits in the airwaves.
Former US Defence and Foreign Minister Rumsfiled titled it truly as : “The axis-of-evil in old Europe”.
This leads to the extraordinary duty to give freedom to the European folks under the captivity of these counter-reformatoric forces.
A Philsophical framework that puts Christ Jesus as Jewsih descendant and son of GOD and founder of the KINGDOM of HEAVEN on EARTH in the center of believe, cultural and ruling souvereignity, has to cast down the daemonical spirits of the old franco-roman empire.

4 ) The revelation of the SONS of GOD, as predicted in the redemptive scriptures of the NEW COVENANT in JESHUA HA MASCHIACH is taking part in these times worldwide.
In the European Union these cornerstones from JERUSALEM have been fallen on the feet of the monumental statue (Daniel describes in the book of the old testimony). Iron (the now appearing fascist franco-roman behaviour) as tyrannical law-and-order regime does not fit any longer with the clay – borne peaceful earthly heritage of the green movement inhabitants of celtic Christhood in Europe.
Ther is no BLACK/GREEN natural synergy- no UNITY and no VARIATY!
This is because the green root movement is founded in celtic prophecy and revelation.

5 ) This leads to the obviously given SEALS that are offered by the celtic culture club as heiritage of the roman empire methods.
The BIO-SEAL established as a framework to live in harmony with human race of all denominations and with nature, lifestock and green environment.
What first has been revealed to the Jewish race as their heavenly heritage in ISRAEL, to make the desert flower and florish again
(that has been devastated by Roman Empire for their ships and later left in disaster by Muselmanic emperors) – now comes to fruit in the Christian-jewish celtic culture zone.

6 ) This pre-jewish (SEM + SETH) covenant of NOAH now comes out to be the charismatic manifestation of the MESSIANIC “Sons-of-GOD” heritage.
The restoration of this new covenant in the blood of the lamb, that broke the seals of the book of revelation takes part globally in these generations now.
Signs and wonders happen in the heavens and on earth!
After the release from captivity of the people of the covenant (ISRAEL) first from BABYLONIAN tyrants and second from EGYPT dictators, now the third release and exodus happens from the fascism of the franco-roman empire. One may look into my relevant short abstracts on about the astronomical constellation, proofed and found in Holy Scriptures of jewish wisdom like the therapeuts of the ESSENIC scrolls wrote down and later HAGANAH gives order to the COHANAN levitical house.
This figures the time on the global clock of ISRAEL in GOD´s Universe!

7 ) While JESUS Christ represents the KING DAVID line (with the whole wisdom of SALOMON- that in the Bronze-Time (1550 before Christ) evenso influence the European “Sephardic” culture zone –expanding from ISRAEL to SPAIN and all over Europe,
The global levitical house of the SEM + Seth line manifestates and incardinates as housekeeper of the GODLY Priesthood of the TEMPLARS, the caretaker of the ROSARY PRAYER and the protecter of LIFE on planet earth.
Prophets like Dr. JOSEPH R. MARTIN (from Norway, ISBN-founder and GOSPEL CHANNEL producer) and myself turn to reveal and manifest the NEW WORLD ORDER PHILOSOPHY as overcoming victory over the last Daniel´s monumental stature´s empire of Franco-ROMAN EUROPE by the reunion and restoration of semitical/sethical levitical(COHANAN) iro-celtic priesthood with the JUDEAN KING DAVID/SALOMON souvereign heavenly monarchist, that are actually going to be inaugurated in JERUSALEM (ISRAELINA PRESIDENT NETANJAHU bears the seal-ring of his house of JUDA, founded three millenniums ago!
THIS NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH have been revealed to many selected Individuals, who – by GOD´s wonderful and awesome grace- ave been tied into the heavenly zones into the throneroom of the bridegroom JESHUA HA MASCHIAH.
HE is coming back soon as RIDER on the WHITE HORSE, who (acc. To Jesaja 42/43 ) comes as victorious knight.
In this universal scenario the humble role of myself and those actors in the European zone is like being a obedient branch in the HOLY Olive tree in the bloodline of ISRAEL as GOD´s people of destination!
Blessed be JERUSALEM and peace and comfort be with the people of ISRAEL!
Praise to LORD GOD ALLMIGHTY, who in HIS souvereign GLORY reveals this to HIS KNIGHTS and gives them their heritage by enthroning them into their restored land of DESTINATION!

8 ) Revelation sais that there will be a time of one millennium of peace, when GOD HIMSELF walks with HIS PEOPLE in JERUSALEM. All the wealth of the peoples will be brought into the city of JERUSALEM. For this, the Trees of Life, bearing 12-fold fruit and giving leaves from the tree of Life as a healing to the nations, manifestate as the kosher-seal products from ISRAEL and the BIOSEAL Lifestile of Europe. We, as his devine heirs may bring fruit to give honour and glory to HIM, offerings and sacrifices that will smell well to HIM! 

BACHELOR degree and upgrade WP

Hey, friends,

now I am Second Bachelor of Art in Religious Education
at Global University,Springfield, Missouri, USA.
We met at Assamblies of GOD central and had
Commencement Ceremony in the River Clerk AGo Chapel in Branson, MO.
It was a really great day and we visited the Musical
ARCHE NOAH – magnificent!

So, wearing the black robe and cap with red tessel on the left,
we are still covered with the shawl of ROSARY Ministries International, Tenali, AP, INDIA
we pray and stay!

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We have had 10% growth since 9-11-9
so, be part of the winning dream team
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Reverend Bishop Uwe A.E.Rosenkranz
²nd BA Religious Education
1rst BA Org. engineering

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