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Daily devotion, by ArchBishop Uwe Rosenkranz

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 • AMERICA THE BEAUTIFULKatharine Lee Bates, 1859–1929 • Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. (Proverbs 14:34) • After what I owe to God, nothing should be more dear or more sacred to me than the love and respect I owe to my country. • —Jacques Auguste de Thou • Each time we join together in singing the vividly descriptive lines of “America the Beautiful,” we are moved emotionally as we contemplate the wonders of …
The Christian’s Secret of a Holy Life
Praying is Always Right • A feeling of real need is always a good enough reason to pray. Whenever I go to any meeting I am always sure of one thing, that we always ought have prayer soon after we begin. If any one else prays my mind is relieved. But if no one else seems inclined to do it, then I feel it is my duty. The command is for us always to pray, and I don’t believe …
 “Thou hatest wickedness.” • — Psalm 45:7 • “Be ye angry, and sin not.” There can hardly be goodness in a man if he be not angry at sin; he who loves truth must hate every false way. How our Lord Jesus hated it when the temptation came! Thrice it assailed him in different forms, but ever he met it with, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” He hated it in others; none the less fervently …
• Undisturbed relationship • At that day ye shall ask in My name . . . . The Father Himself loveth you. John 16:26, 27. • “At that day ye shall ask in My name,” i.e., in My nature. Not— ‘You shall use My name as a magic word,’ but—‘You will be so intimate with Me that you will be one with Me.’ “That day” is not a day hereafter, but a day meant for here and now. “The Father Himself …
 • Our Lord Jesus Christ … gave himself for our sins that he might deliver us from this present evil world • Gal. 1:4 • Attachment to Christ is the only secret of detachment from the world. • A. J. Gordon •…

ich sah einen Neuen Himmel- von ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Die Farbensonne markiert die Küppers'sche Farb...

Die Farbensonne

THESEN zur Mission- erster Teil:

Ich sah einen Neuen Himmel und eine Neue Erde














Thesis zur Mission

Uwe Rosenkranz








Einführung von Dr. Georg Gati (Orientalistik)

Die atemberaubende Parallele der biblischen


Über Die Macht der Zunge

Die geistliche Waffenrüstung

Ich sah einen Neuen Himmel und eine Neue Erde

Uwe Rosenkranz

1. Die Bedeutung des Wortes

2. Was heißt „Fleisch“?

3. Wie können wir das Licht im Wort erkennen?

4. Die Bedeutung LOGOS

5. Die 7 Siegel

6. Wie können wir nun wissen, dass Gott lebt?

7. Apologetik

a) Mit vernünftigen Gottesbeweisen

b) Einwände

c) Analyse der Einwände

8. Apologetische Antworten:

a) Wissen, dass Gott redet

b) Einwände

c) Analyse der Einwände

9. Apologetische Antwort: Das Wort

10. Polemischer Exkurs für ungläubige Christen

11. Apologetische Antworten:

a) Das Handeln Gottes

b) Einwände

c) Analyse des Einwands

12. Apologetische Antworten:

a) Argumente gegen Zweifel

b) Existenz der Juden

c) Die Erfüllung von Prophetien

13. Resümee

a) Synoptischen Schau

b) Kreativitätstheorie

14. Berufung = Mission

15. Von der Notwendigkeit der Heidenmission

1.) Bedeutung des Lebenswerkes William Carey’s

a)  politische Situation in Europa

b)  Vorteile einer engeren Zusammenarbeit

c)  Das geistliche Leben in den Kirchen

2. Zwei Reaktionen Carey´ s

a) Gründung einer der ersten Missionsgesellschaften

b) Reise als Missionar nach Indien

3.Vier Hindernisse bei der Ausübung seines Missionsbefehls

a) Krankheit

b) Politische Opposition

c) kleinkrämerische Handelsmächte

d) und religiöse Antipathien

4.  Vier Merkmale seiner missionarischen Tätigkeit

a) Evangelist und begeisterter Lehrer

b) erfolgreicher Gemeindegründer

c) geschickter Verwalter

d) Linguist

5. Vier Methoden in Carey´ s Mission und ihre Bedeutung  für heute

a) Bildung

b) Erziehung

c) Medizin

d) Agrarwirtschaft und Politik

16. Der Begriff der Mission

16.1. Analyse der drei Selbst-Begriffe

a) Selbstverwaltung

b) Selbstversorgung

c) Selbstausbreitung

16.2.1. Dimension der Autonomie

a) in Bezug auf Selbstverwaltung

b) in Bezug auf Selbstunterhalt

c) in Bezug auf Selbstausbreitung

16.2.2. Dimension der Kultur

a) in Bezug auf Selbstverwaltung

b) in Bezug auf Selbstunterhalt

c) in Bezug auf Selbstausbreitung

16.2.3. Dimension der Reife

a) in Bezug auf Selbstverwaltung

b) in Bezug auf Selbstunterhalt

c) in Bezug auf Selbstausbreitung

17. Bibel und Orientalistik

17.1. Das Tao der Bibel

17.2. Symbolsprache der Bibel

18. Symbole in der „cross-kulturellen“ Kommunikation

a) Das Yin und Yang

b) Licht und Schatten – Nord und Südseite

c) e=mc² als Symbol in der Forschung

d) Der –  Symbolcharakter des ROSARY  Rosenkranzes

e) Bedeutung des Kreuzes

f) Re-Inkarnation und Wiedergeburt

19.Ziele der Symbolsprache

19.1. Gebet

19.2. Boden

19.3. Wirtschaftsweise

19.4. Entwicklungshilfe

19.5. Zugang zur Bibel

19.6. gesunde Mittelschicht

20. Eindrücke

21. Schlussfolgerungen

The Power – The belonging – The Truth by Uwe Rosenkranz

Deutsch: Emblem des Pontifikats English: emble...

• I WOULD BE TRUE • Howard A. Walter, 1883–1918 • I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on Your laws. (Psalm 119:30) • The yearning to achieve a trustworthy, strong, brave yet humble character is an unusual goal for a young person, especially in today’s self-seeking and materialistic society.


• I am beginning to learn more and more of the depth of meaning in the teachings of Christ. I find myself, since this new life in Jesus has opened before me, turning far oftener to His own words, than I used to for revelations concerning it. I never before gathered any meaning from that passage in John 6 about eating His flesh and drinking His blood, but now it is full of precious truth.


• “To whom belongest thou?” • — 1 Samuel 30:13 • No neutralities can exist in religion. We are either ranked under the banner of Prince Immanuel, to serve and fight his battles, or we are vassals of the black prince, Satan. “To whom belongest thou?” • Reader, let me assist you in your response. Have you been “born again”? If you have, you belong to Christ, but without the new birth you cannot be his.


• Then Peter began to say unto Him, Lo, we have left all, and have followed Thee . . . . Mark 10:28. • Our Lord replies, in effect, that abandonment is for Himself, and not for what the disciples themselves will get from it. Beware of an abandonment which has the commercial spirit in it—‘I am going to give myself to God because I want to be delivered from sin, because I want to be made holy.’


• Ye shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be witness unto me • Acts 1:8 •


Offshore one hour

Christ church

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• To me to live is Christ, and to die is gain •

Phil. 1:21 •

Live in Christ, and you are in the suburbs of Heaven. There is but a thin wall between you and the land of praises. You are within one hour’s sailing of the shore of the new Canaan.

• William Rutherford •…


In church History REFORMATION started when obviously the

old traditional style of religion and their business owners and policy treaters tailored it down to the ground and forced masses of citicens to flee from the brudeens of poverty and deep depresssion of their landlords, high priests and democratically elected rulers.

So it is today.

Watch and PRAY!


Who is laying his hands onto the plaugh and looks behind, is not worth doing the work of a Bishop.

• Forgetting those things which are behind … I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ JesusPhil. 3:13, 14 • It is not by regretting what is irreparable that true work is to be done, but by making the best of what we are. It is not by complaining that we have not the right tools, but by using well the tools we have.

Jesus? (Photo credit: ChrisMcArdle1)

Well, during my first studies in organic farming i practiced to train horses to carry the joke and ty the plaugh. This was very effective and better for the 4 acres of land, i could do in one day´s work, than to use the heavy John Deer Traktor.

I think, this was heavenly work :-).
Today, as an Arch-Bishop i use the traisures and wisdom of fromer trained skills, not to look back in melancholy, but to use these tools for the better growth of the KINGDOM of GOD!
Today we are funding with landmanagement systems, (pat.pending) to bring this knowledge and skills into the hands of developing countrie´s people and to re-fund with CarbonDioxid- certificates to supply our 120 Pastors and 6,000 members of RMI-INDIA and we cooperate with All-India Independant Christian Diocese, with 7,600 chuches and communities!
If You want to partner with us, pls come nder the domain-reselling host with Arch-Bishop ROSARY by clicking on the link just now!


Our Lord Jesus Christ

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• The destitution of service • Though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved. 2 Cor. 12:15. • Natural love expects some return, but Paul says—‘I do not care whether you love me or not, I am willing to destitute myself completely, not merely for your sakes, but that I may get you to God.’ “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though He was rich, yet for your sakes became poor …

delight of sacrifice- with Uwe Rosenkranz, RMI founder

Corcovado jesus

• The delight of sacrifice • I will very gladly spend and be spent for you. 2 Cor. 12:15. • When the Spirit of God has shed abroad the love of God in our hearts, we begin deliberately to identify ourselves with Jesus Christ’s interests in other people, and Jesus Christ is interested in every kind of man there is.

No ranks, no titles- this is the gender agenda of nowaday´s liberal society.

Only money, wealth and might is to be set into account.

What about sacrifice, what about delight to be spent??

Do we put into account the overwhelming LOVE


Where is the honour of 1000 year´s of personal sacrifice?

How is the tribute payed for generations of persecution

of ROsENKRANZ=ROSARY Family and Order??

Where is the traisure in heaven and on earth for true

keeping and correct householdership

of the TEMPLAR´s community?

Centuries of blood- spreading into the chalice of

HOLY BROTHERHOOD, how great is the profit???

Can You only imagine??

Take a little grasp of the laymen´s public

common wealth of ArchBishop ROSARY´s


Be delighted by this BIG SPENDOR benefit!

Illumination and afflictions

Česky: Tvrz na iluminaci z Bible Václava IV. E...

• After ye were illuminated ye endured a great fight of afflictions • Heb. 10:32 • Our boldness for God before the world must always be the result of individual dealing with God in secret. Our victories over self, and sin, and the world, are always first fought where no eye sees but God’s .… If we have not these secret conflicts, well may we not have any open ones.

I in HIM and HE in me..

English: Mary and Jesus

• I have found in Jesus

an answer to all my questions,

to all my longings, to all my needs!

He is made of God unto me,

even me—wisdom and righteousness,

and sanctification and redemption.

Having Jesus I have all things,

and by faith He is mine,

and I am His,

His only and His altogether.

I find that I have been looking for

an experience, instead of Jesus.

When becoming a follower of JESUS,

we use to pray to HIM.


Christians all around the globe.

If You ant to be connected,

pls don´t wait to get into

our domains with

Rev Bishop Rosenkranz.


Charles Wesley Preached Here • AND CAN IT BE THAT I SHOULD GAIN? • Charles Wesley, 1707–1788 • To Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood… (Revelation 1:5) • Can any believer contemplate the “amazing love” of Calvary without sharing the awe and wonder of Charles Wesley’s questions in today’s hymn?

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