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How to get rich- By creating FaceBook events to get leads for your teaching pilot-by ArchBishop Rosary

English: Slide 1/7 in the presentation, Popula...

English: Slide 1/7 in the presentation, Popular Internet in Teaching and Research Slideshare version with audio Background image: graz – graffiti :: monty python by southtyrolean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to get rich-

By creating FaceBook events to get leads

for your teaching pilot

Teaching video: How to get rich

After watching the above linked teaching video,

You may ask:

How can I get rich?

First of all, it is important

To get leads.

With our autopilots at

advanced teaching and

20 part teaching series

You can connect your event pages on Facebook.

So first event is linked here:

20 part teaching event

And advanced teaching event.

To get the tickets for this free-of-cost-teaching

Your new members sing in with name and email address

To your autoresponder.

This will send to them day by day

The lessons about HOW TO GET RICH .

So your easy made education platform

Is created.

Now, use your webcaster

Conference rooms to make your

Teaching pilot much more attractive.

You may advertise your teaching lessons

At life conference and at the Facebook event page.


// //


This provides your leads with

Interactice multimedia elements.

Powerpoint presentations, films,

Browser websites and white board

Are evenso provided like deskop sharing

And feedback questions.

Would you imagine, that in

Your university they are

Desperately looking for a strategic leader

For implementation of e-learning platform?

Yes, in fact, as employee you should sings

A 3 years contract to build up

This teaching platform for education.

Here, when following my tips,

You can participate from our

State-of-the-art know how advantage.

And, nevertheless, in the meantime

You will get rich by creating

A huge list of leads.

So make it simple,

Sign up to our pages

And let me show you

How to create Facebook events to get leads

With your own teaching pilot.

Pls click here: =====è>FB event

See you then.

ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz


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