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Congress of Berlin

Congress of Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heavenly Alternative Programm


When organizing a Travel Tour,

Be sure to meet the real interest of your participants.

As we did last year, we will travel with


from Nov. 23rd- Dec. 1rst 2013

To do this in peace and harmony,

we Take good advice,

when letting run the

Heavenly alternative program .

It is written in HOLY SCRIPTURES,

That we shall not give space

to Agryness and ZORRES,

But to let all revenge be

in The hands of GOD.

Acting like this according to

The Heavenly alternative program

We shall overcome the evil

by doing good.

Bless those who dam

you and Do charity to those,

which hate you;

Doing this, you are Putting

burning flames And hot coals

on their heads.

With kindness, patience, humbleness,

Joy and peace you will succeed.

Peace and prosperity will follow those,

Who are in the fellowship of These fruits.


Berlin Congress on


Will stick to that theme.

Teachings about

getting the power from the root

Will guide to the

goals in future„.



So we are challenged to present

our concepts And plans

about future startups in ISRAEL.

We will show to you and

to our dear, Kindly involved audience,

Our Heavenly alternative program

And how this works:


First Name
Email Address

(pls watch the german video teaching)

  • -The King Fisher Principles
  • – The CAREFREE delivery service
  • – The Global Virtual Opportunity
  • – The Bishop ROSARY Blogs
  • – The RMI Apps.
  • – The HRM Plugins on WordPress
  • – The BIOSEAL ref. PATent licence AT

When following us at our funding startup

with ISRAEL-GERMAN Research & Development project,

You will get the opportunity

to get on board now.

Pls remember, NOW is the time

and the right place to join in

to our Heavenly alternative program .

Pls have a look at the links.




For more information

pls fill in the form above!


Your welcome

WAM Wort Am Montag- von ArchBishop Rosenkranz

Deutsch: Szene aus dem Zweitliga-Spiel Rolli-T...

Deutsch: Szene aus dem Zweitliga-Spiel Rolli-Teufel Ludwigshafen gegen Ballbusters Würzburg (29.04.06) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wort Am Montag-

Zehnt, Teufel, Spiel und Ernst

Le Grand Dame- Schach und Spaß mit Splish Splash- ROSARY EMPOERNETWORK


Deutsch: Dame (Schachfigur)

Deutsch: Dame (Schachfigur) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ROSARY Empowernetwork- Le Grand Dame

Schach und Spaß

Wir leben in Zeiten von Revolutionen,

Staatsstreichen und Katastrophen.

Dabei ist es wichtig, nicht den Spaß zu vernachlässigen.

Wie in vorigen Beiträgen bereits anklingend,

hat ArchBishop ROSARY in den

folgenden Videos:

Die Taktiken „LE GRAND DAME“ aus dem SCHACH

Gewählt, um darzustellen,

wie mit


Flutkatastrophen zu überwinden sind.

Am Beispiel der Ägyptischen „ARABELLION“

Und der französischen Revolution

Wird erläutert, wie gesamtgesellschaftliche

WAHL-KÄMPFE siegreich zu gewinnen sind.

Der FOKUS von

ROSARY EMPOWERNETWORK liegt dabei darauf,

den sogenannten Bauerntausch

(wie beim Bauernaufstand zur Zeit

Der 30-jährigen Kriege in Europa),

friedlich Konflikte zu harmonisieren sind.

Le Grand Dame-

Die „GROßE DAME“ gibt dabei die Spielsituation wieder,

die bspw. In KAIRO zum Machtwechsel führte-

was mit „GAME OVER“- deutlich sichtbar

mit grünem LASERLICHT auf den

ehemaligen THRONSITZ der SHARIA

und ihres „schwarzen Muslim-Bruders“ MURSI geworfen und

in den aktuellen Medienberichten weltweit

verbreitet wurde.

Schach und Spaß kommt mit


in einem kurzen Musikvideo nicht zu kurz.

  • ROSARY EMPOWERNETWORK überwindet Krisen
  • ROSARY EMPOWERNETWORK erwirbt Flutopferhilfe
  • ROSARY EMPOWERNETWORK befreit von Dachlast
  • ROSARY EMPOWERNETWORK spart bares Geld
  • ROSARY EMPOWERNETWORK gibt Lizenzen für Selbstnutzer, Wiederverkäufer und Mastermind Reseller.
  • ROSARY EMPOWERNETWORK verwirklicht die GRAND DAME TAKTIK aus dem Schach Spiel
  • ROSARY EMPOWERNETWORK nutzt die Serverplattformen von EmpowerNetwork

Damit ergibt sich für Deutschland und Weltweit eine einmalige Situation, mit der


Einen wesentlichen Beitrag für Wohlstand und Prosperität zu schaffen.

Mit dem DREIFACHEN PLUS aus dem Minus herauskommen, bieten einer breiten

Bevölkerungsschicht die Option mit ROSARY EMPOWERNETWORK Homebusiness

Von zu Hause aus Geld zu verdienen.

Nutzen auch Sie diese Chance.

Loggen Sie sich einfach ein bei .


Ermöglichen Ihen sofortigen Rückfluß (REINERTRAG)

Von bis zu 100.000,– € !!!-

Lizenzen können Sie schon ab 4,77 € monatlich erhalten.

Bitte versäumen sie nicht diesen richtigen Zeitpunkt (KAIROS),

sondern erkennen Sie die Zeichen der Zeit!

Auf eintragen

Und sofort Geld von Hause aus verdienen!!!

Viel rfolg wünscht

Alternative advertising actions – by ArchBishop ROSARY


Advertising (Photo credit: Wrote)

When considering Alternative advertising actions ,

We have to update our home business partners

And give to them actual overview about our new

Successful actions.

In the newest video

(Pls click the link below) neues Video- German

we can see, how alternative advertising actions

work over a longer period of time.

  • Auto responder systems can be used as teaching series event
  • Movie making will attract satellite TV producers
  • Tour organization and management offers destination tours
  • New offline headquarters develop as education centers
  • Teachings on „How to overcome poverty“ are desired and asked for.
  • Social charity events bear fruits and new followers are naturally included
  • Home business generates new leads
  • Your original generic offline business is opening new niches
  • Business exhibitions („Connecting Solar Business“)
  • gives new alternative advertising solutions

Alternative advertising actions

Need new ways to send communication options. is one of the autopilots for

your Alternative advertising actions, like email sending.

Another- very unique- way of alternative advertising

Is used in our small town, that belongs to a

Highly frequented Automotive cluster aerea:

In summer time roads are maintained and repaired.

This restoration takes some months of time.

In this time window, the traffic is leaded

Through other ways.

Our homebusiness is located directly

At the main road of this high frequency traffic.

SO it is a reasonable option, to

Decorate the garden fences with 2 large

Banners ( 1 meter high, 10 Meters width).

This alternative advertising action can

Get you more leads than setting banners at

Your virual home business pages.

MY new website

Is related for this reason with my first

Personal website .

These landing pages, advertised

Alternatively by the before mentioned

Offline Banners lead the high frequency traffic

To real customers.

Take action.

Pls visit us on our new page and sign in!

ArchBishop Uwe Rosenkranz

Don´t let natural circumstances limit your developement- by ArchBishop ROSARY

That's Business

That’s Business (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actually in my aerea in central Europe

as you may watched at breaking news,

There are heavy rain falls.

The rivers are getting out of their natural bed and

Have been overflooded over 650 kilometers.

Many cities are under water.

How can you be prepared to overcome such a devastating flood disease?

First of all, if you don´t want to let natural circumstances limit Your development,

Take care that your working aerea is flexible.

E.G. take a mobile home for your daily home business.

Make sure, your cellar and base floor is defended against water.

A water wall may be best advice.

We offer a natural farming system, called


rosary ridgebed roundabout.

This makes it possible to deposite

Big volume of water in pools.

Once the flood are draining,

You are in a pool position.

While others have to carry sand sacks

To hold back the liquid masses,

You can be called lucky,

For you just rest at the

Selfmade sandy beach beneath your garden pool.

While your wife is cleaning the mobile home business

From your last beautiful holiday week at France,

You are able to appreciate your pürivilegue

To work from home and outside in the gardens.

Well, this is no reason to be proud,

But to be humbly about the fact,

That you now are in full effective use

Of your single standing advantages

As an home business entrepreneur.

No long deviations of driving to your

Bosses working bureau, while streets are down under

do you have to bear.

Oh, so lucky for adjusting solar energy panels

To support your online notebook with free of cost currency.

Would you ever let natural circumstances limit Your development?

You´re not wuzzy- Never ever!

When according to what GOD gave to you

As your privilegued lifestily,

natural circumstances will never ever limit Your development

any more- for heaven´s sake!

Let´s pray, that we can hold this pool position.

Praise GOD.

Now, if we can see the signs

and went through similar crisis scenario before,

like we did with ROSARY Ministries International- INDIA

at flood catastrophy in 9-11-9,

we should look for new strategies and

A PRIORY calculations in order

to minimize the damage, created by floods,

storms, eartquakes, vulkano, etc. pp.

You cannot be safe 100% in these times,

but you can optimize your setting and

setteling to hold your established home business keep running.

So there is only random danger to

loose everything by “ sudden death“.

We call this value scenario or

persistant landmanagement.

we keep learning and hold ourselves teachable-

here we are at German Basel Mission, who created great wealth

and prosperity for 150 years now:

we learn from history


If you wish to take the fortune of following us

On our way to get rich, pls consider to

Be part of our advanced teaching series.

Just click on our new homepage

KraftNetz and get the empower Network while logging in to

Pure Leverage wealth that you deserve, my friend!

See you then,


Don´t let nature limit your development- by ArchBishop Rosary (Team Tissa)

Sigmaringen Donau

Sigmaringen Donau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

>Oh my Gosh!-

Yesterday i went with my wife to


But what must we see?

Whole lot of the aerea at the river DONAU

In the city of Sigmaringen was overflooded!

I wanted to make pictures, but our camera went wet.

But if you see the breaking news,

You can imagine the damage,

That has been caused by

Natural catastrophy!

Why am I menti

In a blog, that is dedicated to

Teach wellbeing and prosperity?

Pls watch teh attached video,

That is giving simple solutions to complicated questions.

There is one head line:

Here are some of my engineering answers:


ROSARY/Flyer skizzen.doc .

If you open these links,

You see the main argues of my pat.pend. landmanagement system,

That is pre-dispositioned to help to protect life, care for health and heal.

Now, if you would take time to go deeper in this sensitive issue,

You are delivered with several reasons,

Why entrepreneurs as you in your successful homebusiness and offline mobile business

Should care about and: Don´t let nature limit your development!

Your IT supplier could be damaged by flood, so take care that you use more than one server platform.

Your home shall be protected against water, so take care that your homebusiness infrastructure is protected against flood disease

A wise man is building his home on a solid rock, so when storm and water comes, it cannot damage his home.

Be wise and use at least two home servers.

Supply a currency aggregate not depending on public supplier systems.

Develop your homer business infrastructure, so that you can go online with your mobile bureau (Traveling van).

Make sure, that your green aerea (like gardens, garage, basement, pools,roof) have grand reserve to maintain water masses in short time.

You Don´t let nature limit your development, when taking ROSARY RIDGEBED ROUNDABOUT as your preferred landmanagement system.

rosary.ppt is giving you an excellent engineering solution, so you Don´t let nature limit your development.

If you thought in former times, this would only happen in socalled „most vulnerable aereas“ of this globe

You are wrong.

We faced this in INDIA at River Crishna Delta at 9/11/9.

..and our EmpowerNetwork friends could take a little taste of it, when

They met at Chicago.

So, all in all, you can save your good health and your predistposition for wellbeing and prosperity,

When you take this wisdom and knowledge.


Your guide in crude times!

Pls join with us, by clicking EmpowerNetwork

So you Don´t let nature limit your development in successful homebusiness.

Be the Master of your EmpowerNetwork with own branded mobile APPS.-by Uwe Rosenkranz (Team ROSARY)

Mobile App Launch Party attendees line up to h...

Mobile App Launch Party attendees line up to have the pre-release app loaded onto their mobile devices by app developer Jeremy of Spark design. (Photo credit: Desert Rivers Audubon)

Get Rich with EmpowerNetwork with own branded mobile APPS.

How to be successful with your mobile home business

Optimizing ROSARY EmpowerNetwork

Actually, I feel like a chipmonk.-lol

Do you know this little fuzzy animals?

Dancing singing, entertaining – The Show Must Go ON!

While doing home business since 2004,

I tried many things to maintain success.

  • Writing philosophy about getting rich
  • Photo-shootings and video making
  • Setting up Blogs
  • Writing daily essays
  • Composing songs and give them studio quality
  • Branding my business
  • Creating mobile APPs
  • Develop my marketing tools
  • create working directories
  • build up new structures and architecture of internet marketing
  • move my business into comforting environments

Driving with my mobile Bureau and working from off road in the Greens is much fun!

Enjoying lifestyle meanwhile relaxing on the balcony, our terrace or our garden pool is

Giving you inspiration and recreation.

Video interviews on the streets provide authentic

Investigative journalism and can be published from mobile studio van.

Now, mobile APPs are a great help for publishing

Website entries, blog posts and multimedia contents

Live on air.

Even your blog subscribers can use

These Apps to edit and re-authorize your

Blog threads and spread your themes around

Their empowernetwork.

This multiplies your broadcasting power

And gives you just-in-time wealth for your breaking news.

When you want to pay a programmer

To develop your own EmpowerNetwork

Mobile Application, it may cost you about

8,000 – 10,000 $, branding it

Can easily tie another 2,000 bucks

Out of your wallet.

So, why not taking a little time and

Create your own branded EmpowerNetwork app

And optimize it for your successful home business?

We show you step by step, how

To design your dedicated app

And how to use it with more fun

And most efficiency.

Pls check out our apps on and .

These apps deliver a whole shopping system

And gives your EmpowerNetwork blog

The mobile app appearance.

But- wait! – we have so much more in the pipe!

If you are in our mastermind inner circle,

You are authenticated to get access rights

For our optimized EmpowerNetwork mobile apps


Did you think, that 10 years of successful

Home business is qualifying and giving the social proof

To educate more than 7,700 communities on

„How to get Rich“??

Yes, maintaining these advanced „Chip Monk“ tools

Turns the keys to your successful home business

With ROSARY EmpowerNetwork.

So, pls come on board.

Just click on

To be in our team ROSARY.

Your welcome!

Uwe AE. Rosenkranz

Sales engineer

Founder of RMI

Master Your own branded mobile APPs For successful BLOGGING home business- by ArchBishop ROSARY

Image representing SAP as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Master Your own branded mobile APPs

For successful BLOGGING home business

For successful homebusiness there

Is highly recommended master branding

Of your own mobile APPs.

Pls wacth the video below.

Ok, today I decided not to work

In my home office.

Tomorrow is a holiday.

So we take our little travel van

And go outside in the greens.

But- oh- just after driving the bus,

There is a new creative idea

Coming up into my mind.

So what?

Wait and forget?

No- i´ve got my own mobile app.

With that I can produce and publish

Monster movies within minutes.

I use this for my daily blogging.

Well- somebody out there,

Who wants to impress

His kids or pets or neighbours at home???

With own branded mobile APP

You are able to push your jalousies

Up and down while on the beach.

Or, dim your lights and regulate your

Gas heater system, before coming home

From a nice weekend trip with Your family?

No problem.

All that you need is

About 10 minutes of your high valued life time

(and a little bit experience on PC).

You don´t need any program language,

Or SAP licence (that would cost you more than your

Home and mobile home together) –lol.

So, after creating your own

Branded mobile application,

You may start blogging and

Making monster master movies

Within minutes and maintain

Your leads meanwhile moving

Your travel home and ::: making money!!!!!

So, pls take this time, watch the movie

And develop your dedicated Mobile APP.

For your successful mobile home business

You will love it.

And your friends, customers and followers

Will stay connected to you,

the Blogging Master.

Uwe Rosenkranz

Sales Engineer,

Founder + Bishop of Rosary Ministries International

empowernetwork Rosary- The Rosetta Stone of successful homebusiness, part 2- by ArchBishop Rosary

English: The Rosetta Stone in the British Muse...


Of successful homebusiness

By ArchBishop Uwe Rosenkranz

Some asked me:

What is a Rosetta Stone??

To see the answer.

Now, after watching the second part of video ROSARY EmpowerNetwork, Rosetta stone.

Now you may imagine, that successful home business is more than using some tricky little tools and gimmicks

To be successful in internet marketing from home – or from Mobile Home!

ROSARY EmpowerNetwork is more that this- it´s a movement, a grass

Root movement.

ROSARY EmpowerNetwork creates a „SCOOP“, like the underwater surface of a big boat.

We are in front of this BIG WAVE with ROSARY EmpowerNetwork.

This almost kept secret is revealed to you.

You can be on board with ROSARY EmpowerNetwork.

Take action now.

You´ll find our blog on .

If you need more dedicated teaching, Pls login to .

If you just want to participate from our success in home business, just click on .

I am waiting for you!


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