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More social Apps for FB – by Archbishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Unser socail club AIIC DIOCESE has got greater manchester policy status- and our Rosary Ministries International is always gowing- time to make our social Apps on FB be published for greater common use.


APP: RosaryWP




How to manage mobile apps and integrate it into Your mobile sync.

BitzBlitz App

Social App for FB

Endzeitritter des HERRN- End Time Knights and Horsemen of GOD-by ArchBishop ROSARY

Endzeitritter des HERRN-

First Name

Endzeitritter des HERRN-

End Time Knights and Horsemen of GOD

In einer Facebook Gruppe wird angeregt

Zu diesem Titel.

Endzeitritter des HERRN- End Time Knights and Horsemen of GOD

Was sind jedoch Endzeitritter??

Wie erkenne ich Knights of God?

Welche Erwartungen dürfen wir stellen an

Horsemen of GOD, an RITTER DES HERRN???

In einer in Englisch geschriebenen Story

Habe ich aus meiner Familiengeschichte und

Kirchengeschichte von ERIC II Emunah berichtet.





Über die End Time Knights and Horsemen of GOD

Von 2014- 2016 gibt es in Konstanz ein Jubiläum des

Konstanzer Konzils.

Einer der Delegierten war ERIC von DANMARCK,

der mit 300 Rittern dem Konzil beiwohnte und

daran entscheidend teilnahm.

Es wurde der PAPST aus FRANKReich ZUM ALLEINIGEN Papst

Auf dem Vatikanischen THRON PETRI eingesetzt.

Als Verdienst bekam ERIC das vererbliche Namensrecht


Sichtbar an der Brust, dem Hals, an der Taille oder in der Hand zu tragen.

Damit wurde der ROSARY Orden GEGRÜNDET.

Diese Tradition ist weitergeführt worden von


SOMIT bin ich selber, ERZBISCHOF


in direkter ERBLINIE DES Blutes und des Hauses

besonders berechtigt und privilegiert.

Das ROSENKRANZ Gebet, wird perpetuell

Als Meditation rituell und lithurgisch gepflegt.

Durch die ROSARY PRAYER CHAIN oder auch CHAPLET genannt,

werden die ROSARY PARISH weltweit eingeweiht.



Sind nach vaticanischem Recht accreditiert.

Ich und mein Stab und Team sind eingebettet (EMBEDDED),

was dem diplomatischen STATUS eines BOTSCHAFTERS entspricht.


Werden gewisse SYMBOLE, als auch Insignien der MACHT getragen.

ZUM ORNAT (was den ordinierten Priestern vorbehalten ist)

Gehört das entsprechend EPHESER 6: 10-20 WAFFENARSENAL GOTTES.


  • Brustpanzer, Beinkleider gehören zu Endzeitrittern des HERRN- End Time Knights and Horsemen of GOD
  • HELM


  • Diverse weitere UTENSILIEN,
  • HORN


nur EINGEWEIHTEN bekannte destinctive und exclusive

WERKZEUGE gegeben.

In dem Video berichtet
Uwe Rosenkranz über die Waffen der Ritter GOTTES.

How online and offline business correspond successfully,by ArchBishop ROSARY

Nederlands: Online or offline status zelf in e...

Nederlands: Online or offline status zelf in elkaar geflanst, GNU FDL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How online and offline business correspond successfully

WOW- when I started my Monday morning

Homebusiness, I recognized that 739 new subscribers

Came to my blogs on this weekend!

But how can we let our online and offline business correspond successfully

By using these new leads??

Pls watch my new video to understand

This in particular:

In today´s business world

Entrepreneurs have to take care about

the successfully corresponding online and offline activities.

From my 10 years experience I can give some

Effective tips

How online and offline business correspond successfully:

  • Use actual themes and breaking news to promote your business
  • Make the most benefit from your offline business, when it is right in time
  • Take keywords and tags of breaking news that relate to your offline business
  • Add these MetaTags to increase your online marketing value
  • Take the number of your new blogsubscribers as a measurement
  • Make new blog subscribers become leads of your online business
  • Use EmpowerNetwork websites to spread your breaking news messages
  • The more online and offline business correspond successfully, the more leads you will get
  • Put your offline and online business webpages together
  • Give social proof and testimony about your success in your online and offline business

If you want to see, how my online and offline business correspond successfully,

Pls visit my new webpage

That is related to my first online business website

Pls sign in to my EmpowerNetwork and PureLeverage newsletters.

Follow my teachings at Facebook events on „HOW TO GET RICH“.

ArchBishop ROSARY

How to get rich- By creating FaceBook events to get leads for your teaching pilot-by ArchBishop Rosary

English: Slide 1/7 in the presentation, Popula...

English: Slide 1/7 in the presentation, Popular Internet in Teaching and Research Slideshare version with audio Background image: graz – graffiti :: monty python by southtyrolean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to get rich-

By creating FaceBook events to get leads

for your teaching pilot

Teaching video: How to get rich

After watching the above linked teaching video,

You may ask:

How can I get rich?

First of all, it is important

To get leads.

With our autopilots at

advanced teaching and

20 part teaching series

You can connect your event pages on Facebook.

So first event is linked here:

20 part teaching event

And advanced teaching event.

To get the tickets for this free-of-cost-teaching

Your new members sing in with name and email address

To your autoresponder.

This will send to them day by day

The lessons about HOW TO GET RICH .

So your easy made education platform

Is created.

Now, use your webcaster

Conference rooms to make your

Teaching pilot much more attractive.

You may advertise your teaching lessons

At life conference and at the Facebook event page.


// //


This provides your leads with

Interactice multimedia elements.

Powerpoint presentations, films,

Browser websites and white board

Are evenso provided like deskop sharing

And feedback questions.

Would you imagine, that in

Your university they are

Desperately looking for a strategic leader

For implementation of e-learning platform?

Yes, in fact, as employee you should sings

A 3 years contract to build up

This teaching platform for education.

Here, when following my tips,

You can participate from our

State-of-the-art know how advantage.

And, nevertheless, in the meantime

You will get rich by creating

A huge list of leads.

So make it simple,

Sign up to our pages

And let me show you

How to create Facebook events to get leads

With your own teaching pilot.

Pls click here: =====è>FB event

See you then.

ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz


Daily Devotions, New Reverbnation Website and useful TIPS for Bible software users- by ArchBishop ROSARY

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Rise up my love, my fair one, and come away.” daily devotions and Praying of the Holy ROSARY,
we realize some meditation phenomenon, that is
called „Prophetic imagination“, others call it
into MY SPIRIT“-
EVERYTHING that has a good recommendation, be it a nice smell, a favourable taste, a good honouraus call, a praise- after this shall be Your longing and reachout!-
First of all i have to thank our dear readers for their trustful and true company through all these years. Since i started to write blog esseys and articles
(about 2000, reaching back into dairy entries from the 1990ies)-
i followed my call to be „LIKE AND OPEN, LIVING BOOK“-
so i shared my spiritual life with greater audiance.
THINGS CHANGE, technical issues or the SPIRIT GENTILIS, the
trend of time is giving impulse to change forms, contents, tools
or evenso our image and gems to be and stay ahead the wind of the time.
So we wanmt to share with You our new Reverbnation music website,
that has been optimized for Facebook, -we have been frequenting since 2005, when only few german website(profiles) could be found- now it is one of the most polulair social platforms.
here is the link to ROSARY ROYALTY free ROXX :
The ALBUM includes 23 Etno-Techno songs, free to download and/or stream.
On our blogs we are presenting videos, films and clips, showing, how this is has been produced in our studios or given by our GVO partners with royalty free rights to spread and broadcast.
Our daily devotions have been supplied with LOGOS LIBRONIX bible software.
To have a look behind he screen, we now cast newsletter messages, events and tips to use these tools.
In our LIFE! teaching rooms we use these tools for free for bible lessons or gospel conventions.
ALL in ALL we can say: YES WE CAST! – and we are using the
BAUHAUS- PHILOSOPHY, means te outer shape shall be the true
expression of the inner content.
others say: THE WAY IS THE GOAL!-
and there is wisdom in this, because we are all on our
way of learning.
HOPE YOU MAY ENJOY the outcome and fruits
and share with us and join along with us on our long distance way of life
and „SECOND LIFE“ in cyberspace!
Guckenbuehlstr. 19
72475 Bitz- GERMANY
Tel. +49 7431 981550
April 25
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    Semeia 64: The Rhetoric of Pronouncement

    Semeia is an experimental journal devoted to the exploration of new and emergent areas and methods of biblical criticism. Studies employing the methods, models, and findings of linguistics, folklore studies, contemporary literary criticism, structuralism, social anthropology, and other such disciplines and approaches, are invited. Although experimental in both form and content, Semeia proposes to publish work that reflects a well defined methodology that is appropriate to the material being interpreted.

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    Systematic Theology (Charles Hodge)
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    Pentateuch History and Origins Collection (10 Vols.) on Pre-Pub!The Pentateuch introduces us to the central themes of both Christian and Jewish theology. In this collection, authors such as R. Norman Whybray, Rolf Rendtorff, and others examine the texts and re-evaluate commonly held understandings about the origin and transmission of the Pentateuch.
    Greek in a Week—San Francisco/Oakland, CA—October 8–10, 2009 on Pre-Pub!Greek in a Week is coming to the San Francisco/Oakland, CA area from October 8–10, 2009!
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    Upcoming Camp Logos Training SessionsCamp Logos is a two-day training session in Bible study using Logos Bible Software Series X. (Computers are provided if you don’t have a laptop.) Houston, TX area- Sep 23-24; Seattle, WA area- Oct 8-9; Raleigh/Durham area- Oct 15-16
    Hebrew Bible Reference Collection (4 Vols.)These four well-researched and illuminating studies are an asset to anyone looking to delve deeper into the Hebrew Bible and to see it through the eyes of its original audience. In this collection you will find essays on Hebraic exegesis, tools for bible study, bible commentary, a view of Judaic commentaries and interpretation over time, and a comprehensive biographical dictionary of the entire Hebrew Scriptures.
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