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Offshore one hour

Christ church

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• To me to live is Christ, and to die is gain •

Phil. 1:21 •

Live in Christ, and you are in the suburbs of Heaven. There is but a thin wall between you and the land of praises. You are within one hour’s sailing of the shore of the new Canaan.

• William Rutherford •…


In church History REFORMATION started when obviously the

old traditional style of religion and their business owners and policy treaters tailored it down to the ground and forced masses of citicens to flee from the brudeens of poverty and deep depresssion of their landlords, high priests and democratically elected rulers.

So it is today.

Watch and PRAY!


gentleness and generousity

Gentleness in Mosaic

Thy gentleness hath made me great • 2 Sam. 22:36 • The gentleness of Christ is the comeliest ornament that a Christian can wear. • William Arnot •…

Freedom from Guilt of Sin with Uwe Rosenkranz

(stumpy) christ of the ozarks

Freedom from the Power and Guilt of Sin • February 24 • I could easily see how they made the cross of Christ of no effect by their legalistic strivings, but I was blind to the truth that I also was doing the same thing they were. My striving to be sure was with a different end in view, but it was still, in both cases, striving; in both, it was self and not Christ.

There is a doctrine, that teaches, the perpetually praying of the HOLY ROSARY builts up a heritage and treasure in heavenly riches, which can be used to  share values in credits to bargain benefits in overcoming the power of sin and guilt.

In former times, certificates for this absolution letters, have been dedicated to the believers who donated or paid fees. The head of ROSARY brotherhood in Colonia, germany was evenso one of the inquisition apologetics and earned money for thre building of St. Peter´s dome in Rome with selling these „ROSARY PRAYER certificates“, that guarranteed entry into heaven and forgiveness and rescue from the fires of hell.


Today we offer for free the dominions of ROSARY PRAYER for the laymen and public. More, we are able to supply applications not only for Prayer and communication, but even for maintaining with bonus-shopping with mobile Facebook Apps.

Pls use these special gifts and graceful global virtual option, by sharing

Arch Bishop ROSARY´s platform.

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