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Vermögen und Willen- Weisheiten von Meister Eckhard und ihre erfolgreiche Anwendung durch ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Coat of arms of Waren (Müritz)

Coat of arms of Waren (Müritz) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gorilla Coins: Australia (2012)

Gorilla Coins: Australia (2012) (Photo credit: W i l l a r d)


Numismatik_univie (Photo credit: univienna)

Willen und Vermögen

Weisheiten von Meister Eckehard und ihre

Umsetzung durch ArchBishop Rosenkranz


Wie in dem kurzen Film

Über WILLEN UND VERMÖGEN zu sehen ist,

gibt es mehrere Möglichkeiten, Weisheit und Erkenntnis;

um zu Vermögen zu kommen.

  • Spiel – Theorie am Beispiel von
  • Roulette
  • Banken
  • Soziale Charity – Dienste, Ministries
  • Waren, Güter, Service
  • Sammeln von Ideellen Werten (Numismatik)
  • Werbung, High-Tech server und Plattformen
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Nach dieser kleinen Übersicht wird erklärt, wie

Weisheit und Erkenntnis von Meister Eckehard

Und von täglich neuen Lehrtexten angewendet wird

Um Vermögen und Willern zur Deckung zu bringen.

Am Beispiel von aktuellen Koalitionsverhandlungen

In Deutschland wird aufgezeigt, wie

Authentizität, Adäquate und Haushaltskonforme

Übereinstimmung (DÁkkord) zu erzielen sind.

Damit ist dann auch bleibender Mehrwert zu schaffen,

der für Viele zu Vermögensaufbau

und damit auch Motivation der eigenen Willenskräfte führt.


Don´t let nature limit your development- by ArchBishop Rosary (Team Tissa)

Sigmaringen Donau

Sigmaringen Donau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

>Oh my Gosh!-

Yesterday i went with my wife to


But what must we see?

Whole lot of the aerea at the river DONAU

In the city of Sigmaringen was overflooded!

I wanted to make pictures, but our camera went wet.

But if you see the breaking news,

You can imagine the damage,

That has been caused by

Natural catastrophy!

Why am I menti

In a blog, that is dedicated to

Teach wellbeing and prosperity?

Pls watch teh attached video,

That is giving simple solutions to complicated questions.

There is one head line:

Here are some of my engineering answers:


ROSARY/Flyer skizzen.doc .

If you open these links,

You see the main argues of my pat.pend. landmanagement system,

That is pre-dispositioned to help to protect life, care for health and heal.

Now, if you would take time to go deeper in this sensitive issue,

You are delivered with several reasons,

Why entrepreneurs as you in your successful homebusiness and offline mobile business

Should care about and: Don´t let nature limit your development!

Your IT supplier could be damaged by flood, so take care that you use more than one server platform.

Your home shall be protected against water, so take care that your homebusiness infrastructure is protected against flood disease

A wise man is building his home on a solid rock, so when storm and water comes, it cannot damage his home.

Be wise and use at least two home servers.

Supply a currency aggregate not depending on public supplier systems.

Develop your homer business infrastructure, so that you can go online with your mobile bureau (Traveling van).

Make sure, that your green aerea (like gardens, garage, basement, pools,roof) have grand reserve to maintain water masses in short time.

You Don´t let nature limit your development, when taking ROSARY RIDGEBED ROUNDABOUT as your preferred landmanagement system.

rosary.ppt is giving you an excellent engineering solution, so you Don´t let nature limit your development.

If you thought in former times, this would only happen in socalled „most vulnerable aereas“ of this globe

You are wrong.

We faced this in INDIA at River Crishna Delta at 9/11/9.

..and our EmpowerNetwork friends could take a little taste of it, when

They met at Chicago.

So, all in all, you can save your good health and your predistposition for wellbeing and prosperity,

When you take this wisdom and knowledge.


Your guide in crude times!

Pls join with us, by clicking EmpowerNetwork

So you Don´t let nature limit your development in successful homebusiness.

delight of sacrifice- with Uwe Rosenkranz, RMI founder

Corcovado jesus

• The delight of sacrifice • I will very gladly spend and be spent for you. 2 Cor. 12:15. • When the Spirit of God has shed abroad the love of God in our hearts, we begin deliberately to identify ourselves with Jesus Christ’s interests in other people, and Jesus Christ is interested in every kind of man there is.

No ranks, no titles- this is the gender agenda of nowaday´s liberal society.

Only money, wealth and might is to be set into account.

What about sacrifice, what about delight to be spent??

Do we put into account the overwhelming LOVE


Where is the honour of 1000 year´s of personal sacrifice?

How is the tribute payed for generations of persecution

of ROsENKRANZ=ROSARY Family and Order??

Where is the traisure in heaven and on earth for true

keeping and correct householdership

of the TEMPLAR´s community?

Centuries of blood- spreading into the chalice of

HOLY BROTHERHOOD, how great is the profit???

Can You only imagine??

Take a little grasp of the laymen´s public

common wealth of ArchBishop ROSARY´s


Be delighted by this BIG SPENDOR benefit!

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