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St. Airway to Heaven- or deeply graved grief??- By ArchBishop ROSENKRANZ

  WHEN I SURVEY THE WONDROUS CROSSIsaac Watts, 1674–1748 • Carrying His own cross, He went out to the place of the Skull (which in Aramaic is called Golgotha). Here they crucified Him. (John 19:17, 18) • While preparing for a communion service in 1707, Isaac Watts wrote this deeply moving and very personal expression of gratitude for the amazing love that the death of Christon the cross revealed.


• How inexpressibly comforting it is for us to be “led by the Spirit”. And now that Christ is dwelling in our hearts by faith, it is our privilege to hear His voice and to know it. It just leaves nothing for us to do but to yield ourselves and our members up in childlike obedience to Him.


• “They took Jesus, and led him away.” • — John 19:16 • He had been all night in agony, he had spent the early morning at the hall of Caiaphas, he had been hurried from Caiaphas to Pilate, from Pilate to Herod, and from Herod back again to Pilate; he had, therefore, but little strength left, and yet neither refreshment nor rest were permitted him.


• If thou hadst known! • If thou hadst known . . . in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes. Luke 19:42. • Jesus had entered into Jerusalem in triumph, the city was stirred to its foundations; but a strange god was there, the pride of Pharisaism; it was religious and upright, but a ‘whited sepulchre.’ • What is it that blinds me in this my day?


• Always rejoicing • 2 Cor. 6:10 • No Christian can ever know what is meant by those two little words, “always rejoicing,” but the Christian who takes up his cross and follows Jesus. • W. Hay Aitken •…


Sometimes we say Calvary of CALGARY, or THE SKULL and implicate a symbolism or transfiguration of the Martyrdom of Christ.

In reality of NEW ISRAEL and NEW JERUSALEM, CALVARY appears to be a place, where GOLGOTHA ROCK, CHRIST´S TOMB, one information chamber and the CHURCH of THE HOLY SEPULCHURE are settled.

When i first visited this place, i met with the heir of the FAMILY of ORTHODOX doorkeepers of this church and the TOMB.

I asked this man, :“ HOW ARE YOU?“- and HE told me, that he has chronical Bronchitis because of the open fires burning in the underground. The smoke of the torches layed permanent heavy load on his breath. So I asked HIM, if i shall pray for HIM. HE agreed, and so i prayed in the chamber, where the CALVARY ROCK is located for the health of the doorkeeper and keyholder of GOLGOTHA.

THIS is now my transfigurational symbolism, i imagine when thinking at the MARTYRDOM of CALVARY!-


Cross-section diagram of the location of the C...

Cross-section diagram of the location of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, in relation to the site believed to be Golgotha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cross-section diagram of the location of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, in relation to the site believed to be Golgotha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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