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GVO Status update, „Lunatic Asylum“ and the german question- by Archbishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz, MA,D.D

GVO Status update,

„Lunatic Asylum“ and the german question-

by Archbishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz, MA,D.D



When visiting Europe and especially Germany,

one may think, he´s in a

Lunatic Asylum.

Not only that there are huge challanges with

refugees, but evenso the „German Question“

is beeing discussed in brutal controversity.

Archbishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz,

who now has been granted the titles

MA,D.D by MSCS and UN – DESA and WAHOD

explaines why and how this german question can be answered.

Affiliated to the KNIGHTS TEMPLAAR`S

he is showing You, that

Optimization rather than Discussion is leading to a

New Order of Worlds global citizenship.

Here are several points of view, one

may take into deeper focus, when

thinking about this situation and it´s solutions.

  • Practical communication skills,
  • crossing cultural borders
  • put on the red rope
  • visit restricted aereas
  • provide charity projects
  • give direct help
  • don´t dare to be omnipotent and perfect
  • take risk of failing
  • serve GOD first and give GLORY TO HIM!
  • follow the steps of the kingfishers principle
  • raise funds according to UN standarts
  • use modern state-of-the-art IT tools
  • develope Your skills and
  • let theoretical goals be permanently and perpetually optimized by Your own life

Pls watch the video below

and fill the form, when desired and available.



GVO update provides You with the special skills to

follow this example.

Take action and see, that


helping to get out of

the lunatic asylum and live free

as global citizen in a world living

together in peace , prosperity and harmony.


LOGO Rosary




Vermögen und Willen- Weisheiten von Meister Eckhard und ihre erfolgreiche Anwendung durch ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Coat of arms of Waren (Müritz)

Coat of arms of Waren (Müritz) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gorilla Coins: Australia (2012)

Gorilla Coins: Australia (2012) (Photo credit: W i l l a r d)


Numismatik_univie (Photo credit: univienna)

Willen und Vermögen

Weisheiten von Meister Eckehard und ihre

Umsetzung durch ArchBishop Rosenkranz


Wie in dem kurzen Film

Über WILLEN UND VERMÖGEN zu sehen ist,

gibt es mehrere Möglichkeiten, Weisheit und Erkenntnis;

um zu Vermögen zu kommen.

  • Spiel – Theorie am Beispiel von
  • Roulette
  • Banken
  • Soziale Charity – Dienste, Ministries
  • Waren, Güter, Service
  • Sammeln von Ideellen Werten (Numismatik)
  • Werbung, High-Tech server und Plattformen
  • Blogs für
  1. Nicht Mitglieder : Kommentatoren
  2.  Subscriber
  3. Donatoren
  4.  Authoren
  5. Editoren
  6. Administratoren

Nach dieser kleinen Übersicht wird erklärt, wie

Weisheit und Erkenntnis von Meister Eckehard

Und von täglich neuen Lehrtexten angewendet wird

Um Vermögen und Willern zur Deckung zu bringen.

Am Beispiel von aktuellen Koalitionsverhandlungen

In Deutschland wird aufgezeigt, wie

Authentizität, Adäquate und Haushaltskonforme

Übereinstimmung (DÁkkord) zu erzielen sind.

Damit ist dann auch bleibender Mehrwert zu schaffen,

der für Viele zu Vermögensaufbau

und damit auch Motivation der eigenen Willenskräfte führt.



Congress of Berlin

Congress of Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heavenly Alternative Programm


When organizing a Travel Tour,

Be sure to meet the real interest of your participants.

As we did last year, we will travel with


from Nov. 23rd- Dec. 1rst 2013

To do this in peace and harmony,

we Take good advice,

when letting run the

Heavenly alternative program .

It is written in HOLY SCRIPTURES,

That we shall not give space

to Agryness and ZORRES,

But to let all revenge be

in The hands of GOD.

Acting like this according to

The Heavenly alternative program

We shall overcome the evil

by doing good.

Bless those who dam

you and Do charity to those,

which hate you;

Doing this, you are Putting

burning flames And hot coals

on their heads.

With kindness, patience, humbleness,

Joy and peace you will succeed.

Peace and prosperity will follow those,

Who are in the fellowship of These fruits.


Berlin Congress on


Will stick to that theme.

Teachings about

getting the power from the root

Will guide to the

goals in future„.



So we are challenged to present

our concepts And plans

about future startups in ISRAEL.

We will show to you and

to our dear, Kindly involved audience,

Our Heavenly alternative program

And how this works:


First Name
Email Address

(pls watch the german video teaching)

  • -The King Fisher Principles
  • – The CAREFREE delivery service
  • – The Global Virtual Opportunity
  • – The Bishop ROSARY Blogs
  • – The RMI Apps.
  • – The HRM Plugins on WordPress
  • – The BIOSEAL ref. PATent licence AT

When following us at our funding startup

with ISRAEL-GERMAN Research & Development project,

You will get the opportunity

to get on board now.

Pls remember, NOW is the time

and the right place to join in

to our Heavenly alternative program .

Pls have a look at the links.




For more information

pls fill in the form above!


Your welcome

Nach dem Urlaub haben wir einige Neuigkeiten- von Uwe Rosenkranz

Deutsch: Berlin, Rosenkranz-Basilika, Erzbisch...

Deutsch: Berlin, Rosenkranz-Basilika, Erzbischof Kardinal Georg Sterzinsky und Bischof Dr. Wolfgang Huber, Auszug nach einem ökumenischen Gottesdienst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nach dem Urlaub haben wir einige Neuigkeiten für Euch/Sie:

Im obenstehenden Video erläutert Uwe Rosenkranz, wie

  • In INDIEN die Weltmission weitergeht
  • Ein Gemeindezentrum für 120 Kirchen vollendet wird
  • für Finanzen gebetet wird
  • selber Produkte erstellt werden zur Selbstversorgung
  • das Patentsystem ROSARY RIDGEBED ROUNDABOUT lizensiert ist
  • ISRAELisch-Deutsche Zusammenarbeit aussieht
  • Eine Israelreise vom 23. November bis 1. Dezember stattfindet
  • Filme gedreht werden und Konferenzen durchgeführt werden
  • Blogbeiträge verfasst werden, so daß eine große Plattform mit über 50.000 Teilnehmern sich entwickelt
  • Sponsoren und Donatoren zu Autoren werden
  • Vertreib in unserem webshop läuft
  • Lehrreihen entstehen
  • Themen, wie „Reich werden“ zustande kommen

Bei Interesse und um weitere Informationen zu bekommen,

besuchen Sie uns doch bitte auf unserer webseite: , bzw.

Your destiny: Feed the Needs of your Greed- Smart Grid realization in a systemical transaction- by ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Gateway to the gardens of the Self-Realization...

Gateway to the gardens of the Self-Realization Fellowship on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. 2005. As photographer I release this image to the public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Destiny Fulfilled

Destiny Fulfilled (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The SandClock Principles

Pls copy this page twice and make a paper pyramide out of it.

Then it will look like this:


Now you can see, which levels of Self- Realization, Esteam, Belonging, Safety and Physical need

Are related.

Now watch, how these relastions are functioning:






Now, when you are asking someone

to fulfill your needs,

pls take into consideration,

On which level of desire you want

your needs to be fulfilled.

Be sure to choose the right medium

to realize the fulfillments of your desires.

Social actions start, if and when needs

are fulfilled from one human being to the other-

Or, if common needs are satisfied by superior supply.

Some call it destiny, good luck, heavenly intervention,

when both needs are fulfilled,

whithout feeling empty.

LOVE and peace are creating

these feelings of satisfaction

and fulfillment of the heart´s longings.

Benefit and prosperity are coming,

when social needs of every level are satisfied.

How online and offline business correspond successfully,by ArchBishop ROSARY

Nederlands: Online or offline status zelf in e...

Nederlands: Online or offline status zelf in elkaar geflanst, GNU FDL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How online and offline business correspond successfully

WOW- when I started my Monday morning

Homebusiness, I recognized that 739 new subscribers

Came to my blogs on this weekend!

But how can we let our online and offline business correspond successfully

By using these new leads??

Pls watch my new video to understand

This in particular:

In today´s business world

Entrepreneurs have to take care about

the successfully corresponding online and offline activities.

From my 10 years experience I can give some

Effective tips

How online and offline business correspond successfully:

  • Use actual themes and breaking news to promote your business
  • Make the most benefit from your offline business, when it is right in time
  • Take keywords and tags of breaking news that relate to your offline business
  • Add these MetaTags to increase your online marketing value
  • Take the number of your new blogsubscribers as a measurement
  • Make new blog subscribers become leads of your online business
  • Use EmpowerNetwork websites to spread your breaking news messages
  • The more online and offline business correspond successfully, the more leads you will get
  • Put your offline and online business webpages together
  • Give social proof and testimony about your success in your online and offline business

If you want to see, how my online and offline business correspond successfully,

Pls visit my new webpage

That is related to my first online business website

Pls sign in to my EmpowerNetwork and PureLeverage newsletters.

Follow my teachings at Facebook events on „HOW TO GET RICH“.

ArchBishop ROSARY

Alternative advertising actions – by ArchBishop ROSARY


Advertising (Photo credit: Wrote)

When considering Alternative advertising actions ,

We have to update our home business partners

And give to them actual overview about our new

Successful actions.

In the newest video

(Pls click the link below) neues Video- German

we can see, how alternative advertising actions

work over a longer period of time.

  • Auto responder systems can be used as teaching series event
  • Movie making will attract satellite TV producers
  • Tour organization and management offers destination tours
  • New offline headquarters develop as education centers
  • Teachings on „How to overcome poverty“ are desired and asked for.
  • Social charity events bear fruits and new followers are naturally included
  • Home business generates new leads
  • Your original generic offline business is opening new niches
  • Business exhibitions („Connecting Solar Business“)
  • gives new alternative advertising solutions

Alternative advertising actions

Need new ways to send communication options. is one of the autopilots for

your Alternative advertising actions, like email sending.

Another- very unique- way of alternative advertising

Is used in our small town, that belongs to a

Highly frequented Automotive cluster aerea:

In summer time roads are maintained and repaired.

This restoration takes some months of time.

In this time window, the traffic is leaded

Through other ways.

Our homebusiness is located directly

At the main road of this high frequency traffic.

SO it is a reasonable option, to

Decorate the garden fences with 2 large

Banners ( 1 meter high, 10 Meters width).

This alternative advertising action can

Get you more leads than setting banners at

Your virual home business pages.

MY new website

Is related for this reason with my first

Personal website .

These landing pages, advertised

Alternatively by the before mentioned

Offline Banners lead the high frequency traffic

To real customers.

Take action.

Pls visit us on our new page and sign in!

ArchBishop Uwe Rosenkranz

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