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ROSARY presents: Crypto Currency with RosarySoli

ROSARY presents: Crypto Currency with RosarySol QR label , by Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz, MA,DD.

Saint Augustine, Melanchton, Neander- Biographies- by Archbishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Saint Augustine et al.

Church Saints


The Vision of St. Joeseph

The Vision of St. Joeseph (Photo credit: Erik Daniel Drost)–Prophecy


Nowadays church needs PROPHECY

More than clergyhood- POPE FRANCIS

Wisdom is

knowledge in practice

Revealed Prophecy

Is GOD´s proof of HIS WORDS.

When looking on this wisdom,

We are in DÁccord

With biblical JOESEPH,

Who could not only tell

his own dreams, but evenso

the dreams of Pharao

and of his inmates in prison.

Far more than revealing

these dream scenario,

JOSEPH was able to work

this out in practice.

He saved his people from

the big famine coming

by this concept of FOOD SECURITY .

Nowadays in our own ministry

we need to dream big

and to act global.

ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

is showing you the proof of GOD

of HIS prophecy, given in

the late 1980ies and 1990ies,

written down in his ebook:

There is a New Heaven and a New Earth

The great Accord with todays

JEWISH AGENCY and it´s Advocats

is shown on Dec. 10th German

Israelcongress at Berlin Town.

  • Water security,
  • food security,
  • cyber security,
  • environment security,
  • public health security
  • and knowledge security

are defined as dramatical impacts

of JUDEO-CHRISTAIN cooperation.

Pls visit us and join in

to our wisdom teaching.


Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

The Santa Starfish Security – Marketing Tips by ArchBishop ROSENKRANZ

Common Starfish (Asterias rubens). This was ta...

Common Starfish (Asterias rubens). This was taken at very low spring tide when the starfish was „caught“ out of the water in South Devon, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

USACE People: Enhancing water security for AFRICOM

USACE People: Enhancing water security for AFRICOM (Photo credit: USACE Europe District)

Pour Le Merite( The Blue Max)

Pour Le Merite( The Blue Max) (Photo credit: Jimmy Big Potatoes)

How the starfish concept leads

to cyber and knowledge security,

by using High Tech strategies

of NIKOLAUS Guerilla methods,

that have been proven successfully

for providing food and water security,

as well as environmental and public health security,

by ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Hermeneutik des Lichts-


carro98 (Photo credit: mimax)

Hermeneutik des Lichts-

Eine kurze Einführung in die

ganzheitliche Philosophie und Wissenschaft

Der A Posteriori und A PRIORI- Beweis

Der Existenz Gottes war Gegenstand und Ziel meiner

Forschungen. Das Ergebnis ist dargestellt in meinem ebook:

„Ich sah einen Neuen Himmel und eine Neue Erde“ .

Dann schloss sich ein Zyklus an, in der

Eine „Philosophie für den keltischen Kulturkreis“ fällt.

Nun möchte ich mit der

Hermeneutik des Lichts

zunächst skizzenhaft die Zusammenhänge

und Korrelationen zwischen

  • chinesischem I Ging
  • westlicher und östlicher Wissenschaft
  • christlicher Religion
  • östlicher und westlicher Philosophie


Dabei kommt ein Wort in den Sinn,

das in meinem Herzen aufstieg:



Jetzt beweist GOTT,

dass ICH Mensch bin!

Bitte schauen Sie sich den Video-Clip an,

indem ich erste Schritte in diese Richtung gehe.

Eine Hermeneutik soll n icht von dem leben,

was in eine Schrift wie die Bibel

HINEIN- gelesen wird,

sondern, was aus ihr

HERAUS- gelesen wird.

Entsprechend verwende ich

Als universale Symbolsprache



Anhand der Übereinstimmungen

Der aramäischen und indo_germanischen

Sprachstämme des VATERUNSERS

Verfolgen wir gespannt, wie

Der Geist GOTTES sich im Laufe der

Menschwerdung in allen Kulturen der Welt

Ausbreitet (vgl. Der Geist des Erwachens- von Peter Erlenwein).

Mit dem ROSARIUM oder auch


Land,anagement system verbunden,

dass sowohl das CHAPLET, also die lithurgische

Gebetsfolge und Meditation, als auch

Die in´s Bild gesetzte Figur des ROSENKRANZES darstellt.

Durch die wissenschaftliche Forschung mit

Der Hügelbeetkultur als Referenzsystem

Des BIOSIEGELS stehen empirische Daten bereit,

um konkrete Korrelationen zu benennen.

Damit wird klar, dass


„Es mehr Dinge gibt zwischen Himmel und Erde,

als sich unsere Menschenweisheit träumen läßt“-

(ZITAT Johann Wolfgang von GOETHE).

Don´t let natural circumstances limit your developement- by ArchBishop ROSARY

That's Business

That’s Business (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actually in my aerea in central Europe

as you may watched at breaking news,

There are heavy rain falls.

The rivers are getting out of their natural bed and

Have been overflooded over 650 kilometers.

Many cities are under water.

How can you be prepared to overcome such a devastating flood disease?

First of all, if you don´t want to let natural circumstances limit Your development,

Take care that your working aerea is flexible.

E.G. take a mobile home for your daily home business.

Make sure, your cellar and base floor is defended against water.

A water wall may be best advice.

We offer a natural farming system, called


rosary ridgebed roundabout.

This makes it possible to deposite

Big volume of water in pools.

Once the flood are draining,

You are in a pool position.

While others have to carry sand sacks

To hold back the liquid masses,

You can be called lucky,

For you just rest at the

Selfmade sandy beach beneath your garden pool.

While your wife is cleaning the mobile home business

From your last beautiful holiday week at France,

You are able to appreciate your pürivilegue

To work from home and outside in the gardens.

Well, this is no reason to be proud,

But to be humbly about the fact,

That you now are in full effective use

Of your single standing advantages

As an home business entrepreneur.

No long deviations of driving to your

Bosses working bureau, while streets are down under

do you have to bear.

Oh, so lucky for adjusting solar energy panels

To support your online notebook with free of cost currency.

Would you ever let natural circumstances limit Your development?

You´re not wuzzy- Never ever!

When according to what GOD gave to you

As your privilegued lifestily,

natural circumstances will never ever limit Your development

any more- for heaven´s sake!

Let´s pray, that we can hold this pool position.

Praise GOD.

Now, if we can see the signs

and went through similar crisis scenario before,

like we did with ROSARY Ministries International- INDIA

at flood catastrophy in 9-11-9,

we should look for new strategies and

A PRIORY calculations in order

to minimize the damage, created by floods,

storms, eartquakes, vulkano, etc. pp.

You cannot be safe 100% in these times,

but you can optimize your setting and

setteling to hold your established home business keep running.

So there is only random danger to

loose everything by “ sudden death“.

We call this value scenario or

persistant landmanagement.

we keep learning and hold ourselves teachable-

here we are at German Basel Mission, who created great wealth

and prosperity for 150 years now:

we learn from history


If you wish to take the fortune of following us

On our way to get rich, pls consider to

Be part of our advanced teaching series.

Just click on our new homepage

KraftNetz and get the empower Network while logging in to

Pure Leverage wealth that you deserve, my friend!

See you then,


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