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The Santa Starfish Security – Marketing Tips by ArchBishop ROSENKRANZ

Common Starfish (Asterias rubens). This was ta...

Common Starfish (Asterias rubens). This was taken at very low spring tide when the starfish was „caught“ out of the water in South Devon, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

USACE People: Enhancing water security for AFRICOM

USACE People: Enhancing water security for AFRICOM (Photo credit: USACE Europe District)

Pour Le Merite( The Blue Max)

Pour Le Merite( The Blue Max) (Photo credit: Jimmy Big Potatoes)

How the starfish concept leads

to cyber and knowledge security,

by using High Tech strategies

of NIKOLAUS Guerilla methods,

that have been proven successfully

for providing food and water security,

as well as environmental and public health security,

by ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

das C- Concept- The C Concept

The „C“ Concept

When You start

doing entrepreneurship,

You are doing good when

Using the benefits of

A successful and persistant CONCEPT.

The “ “ Concept is fitting 4 U!

First of all it is well done,

When U choose to have a Charity Unit

In Your portifolio.

Charity comes from Charitas and means

You are giving something for free

That helps people to help themselfes.

Second theme is to build Clubs.

A club is a social organization

That is helping people to realize

Their goals and to let

The organization grow

To stay in order for the benefit of all.

Third critical control point is

To start a movement

That brings gravid Community aspects

Next step is to create and develop

Cash Cows are rated

Organisations , goups or companies

Who are rated „Triple AAA“,

With a solid gold structure

Of growth and value relation,

Creating perpetual wealth

at low risk.

Don’t forget that money

Is not the only relevant thing

In Your and Your Companies


You are well educated

To get high on the


Career becomes a synonyme

For the social proof of

Your personal skills,

Know How and Wisdom

Will create Your authentical

Profile in society.

Honour and glory is going to

Come with a nice sounding career.


Turns the cross-cultural

Communication concept

From the Top to the Bottom.

Completing the figure of the


This may be a symbol

For an perpetual persistant



Uwe AE.


Guckenbuehlstr. 19

72475 Bitz


Celto-Christian Culture

28.Sept. 2010 Bitz

This essay ist the startup of a philosophical framework concerning the so called celtic culture. It is intended to break down the ideas and illusional buildings, that cover the free sight unto the cross of JESUS Christ.

1. The decrease of the postmodern humanism, including the neoliberal economical theorems:
2. The raising intelligence of the aerean and jewish race in the celtic culture zone:
3. Goodbye to the Platonical and Aristothelic Philosophers:
4. The nonsense of the Pragmatical western alliance:
5. The metaphysical element of modern science and life care:

1 ) In Europe, that is aequal to the celtic influenced culture zone,the credo of the socalled “C”-parties is: “Unity in Varity!”
This is an illusion. Why? 1. ..there is no UNITY; 2. there is no varity.
Europe is dominated by powers who rule with the evil spirits in the airwaves. Their philosophy depends on middle age nonsense theorems, that are brushed up to be New Age neoliberal economical science. It does not work and it is obvious.
To “stabilize” the imagined system-relevant money and wealth owning upperclass of suggested 1-2.000 more or less human beings, Billions of € are pumped into these foolish channels. On the other hand, children, Families and social nets are closed down.
Scenarios where rich people flee into the djungles may be seen at .

2 ) Own research on the matter of Global Warming and the pro´s and con´s of a Jesus-centred lifestyle on a secular workingplace show, that there are few or less Christian intelligence solutions on that now evident problems. Jewish gene-factor is estimated to bring heavenly insight and light to the nations. The cultural loss of the socalled aerean race, that leaded to the Holocaust, brought every civilized culture in celtic zone down to ground zero. The upcoming intelligence, that some intent to state in a new eugenetic as descendants of Jabez´, who was the most blessed under his brothers, actually are discredited through anti-Semitic issues of multiplicators like Sarrazin.
Even in ISRAEL, struggles from inside jewish orthodox intelligencia between Ashkenasi and Sephardim occur. The muslim (descendents from Abrahams son with the dame Haggar, Ishmael) seem to increase more naturally in population, but do not really be up to date concerning science, moral and ethical standarts of human rights.
ISRAEL and the jewish race spread throughout the nations are well established in the economical and political global wealth but are now willing to do more than they should according to the law of Mosis, to help the world go round.
So, where shall help come from??

3 ) Philosophical schools and traditions are mostly based on the almost forgotten Greece philosophers, mainly in person of Aristotl and Plato. Remakes with postmodern emerging networks appear to be nonsatisfying even in analysing the real problems and full of esotheric stuff, that shall seem to be a little Chinese wisdom, a bit Buddish but allway Shamanistic bullshit. The credo is: “Don´t teach me!” lol!

4 ) As suggested to be the answer on the jewish-christian “old European” direction and the Greece tradition the western- US controlled domain shall become the pragmatical synthesis of the cultures. E.G. Global warming or finance crisis are not even recognized or randomly solved at the surface of the problems in the United state and its alliance. “In GOD we trust” as the New World Order of $-System broke down latest at 9-11 2001 as well as the Marxist-Leninist system of the materialistic former sowiet union.

5 ) This leads to the opportunities that are offered by the celtic culture club as heiritage of the roman empire, united by the currency €.
Europe has one unique Non-Selling Factor: The mystical philosophy of the celtic/Gallic lifestyle, that gave the power of Renaissance.
Following my notes in the essay “ERIC II, Emunah”, research focussed on the supernatural force and wisdom of iro-celtic Christian monks, that influenced the whole known culture by building 300 + monastries in one generation.
Modern science and lifecare operates with pre-Renaissance methods.
Especially medicine, law, heraldic, politics, and architecture depend on illusions, that should have been brought down in the early middle ages. The metaphor “ Unity in Varity” reduces this to a handsome devilish decrease of intelligence and human resources.
So, mystical elements of celtic culture, like the art of “Hildegard von Bingen” are reconcealed by the Roman-Catholic (German) Pope Benedict XVI.
At this point my own studies and practice of mystical celtic-christian wisdom and insights will fit.
That is, because non of the above shown lacks of philosophy and lifestyle appeared.
So, my destination of writing a Philosophy for the celtic culture zone is “proofed by the pudding”.


Thema: The remarkable
Zeit: 9.33 Uhr CET
Autor: uaerosenkranz
Stimmung: entspannt
Musik: Barbareah! LHS


Chapter I

Prolog – The Old Druid

In the year of 554 Columban I., the Old Irish Druid took the white robe of the peregrines.

He gave a Cana to his Anamchara: whenever one of them shall be dying isolated from the continent, they shall bury him in sacred soil, where “heaven meets the earth”. He went from Lindisfarne to Iona, moved to Bangor and later on shipped to the isle of Mont St.Michéle in France. On his way over the Channel, his boat was conquered by some Walsh ships. He was wounded and his mates brought his injured body to the monolith stones of LeCarnac. His breaking eyes saw the circle of ring wall at the end of the long alley. “YES, it’s done! Let this astronomic clockwork come to the righteous heir oft the Kingdom of Christ!” With these words he laid his head down forever. A sudden shiny star appeared and marked a cross in the ring of fire at the end of the row, when his spirit vanished in the misty air.

The shivering golden shield of Stonehenge, showing the seven stars, telling from former times, and predicting the future, passed to his Anamchara.

A long time ago, when even the pyramids have not been built, this star shield has been manufactured by an unknown master, now it was buried as a gift together with Columban´s corpus.

Chapter II – ERIC

500 years later a few Viking ships anchored at the coast of Bretagne. Foreigners launched the boats for sea and landed between the rocks. Misty fogs covered the illuminated shore, myriads of little crabs colonised the black stones and swift basins. But this fog was not normal. Superstitious starlight sparkling through the set of sun like gigantic weather lightening showed the northern conquerors their way to the columns of Karnack.

The horses trampled hastily over the grassland. Eric kept a tight rein on his brave Friesian. His horse stood still, stamping nervously on the ground, while the young king was waiting for the whole army with their fair-haired Shetland-ponies. 300 Horsemen followed ERIC II, the uncrowned Prince of Denmark.

“Anon!” shouted Eric- “Brave hearts, let us have a rest under the bricks of the ring wall, before this shiny midsummer night will give message of our heartily welcomed army in this area of evil!” His elder horsemen went in front of the younger soldiers, finding a place to calm down and bind the steaming animals.

At the glowing horizon the purple haze fog arose with spots of fluffing white clouds, looking like a herd of sheep, comforted by a good Shepard.

Chapter III – Fire in the ring of stones

The warm flames of the fire in the midst of the circle of stones licked like tongues of snakes around the shades of the monoliths. Between the burning heaven and the deep blue see Eric’s kinsmen seemed to be caught by a crucial test. An atmosphere of anxious rumour lay around the dancing figures of trees and rocks. Each silhouette pretended to be a kind of dragon. A golden shiny mood lightened the faces of the tired men, who were carefully cradled among their Christian crosses and the Celtic columns.

When the cracking crossfire of the cooked crabs came to an end, chalices of beer and baked bread were given from one to another.

Eric washed his hands and held his arms into the rough midsummer wind. His Northland Heroes prepared the saddle and helmet beds. While they sat down and began to sleep, their young king took breeze and walked across the circle. The salt of the nearby see smelled spicy in his thirsty throat. He remembered the blessing, which his father gave to him, when he sent him offshore. Hornets of met, wine, and beer amused his companions. The whole flock was sent amongst the wolves. Eric wanted to sing and tell old stories with his friends, but something suspicious seemed to stimulate the senses of the severe sovereign. His solid valiant warrior’s shoulders stretching up towards the sparkling stars, he took his shield and spear. Exactly in the middle of the two huge stonewalls, which built a long spacey corridor, he found a watchtower. He climbed up the few steps and looked upon the warning rocky fingers, scraping the sky. When he figured out the shapes of Celtic culture, he immediately shivered. Quickly he jumped down and ran into the centre of the circle. He put down his shield with the leather surface onto the ground. From the inner side of the shield he turned out a round plate that was fixed in the centre and marked the evening star in the north. With the outer ring of the soucer he figured the Great Bear. Then he marked the point, where the circle of the rocks crossed the constellation of Taurus.

Although his chevaliers knew little about their leader’s Arcanum behaviour, they were astonished, when he suddenly drew his sword, holding it like a cross into the southern sky and stroke it with a majestic curve into a piece of soft soil surface among the surrounding stony ground.

The sword sang like a harp, when it hit the ground. The hauling of a greyhound answered. The Crab Fog and the full summer moon gave this pale scene a superstitious look.

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ERIC EMUNAH – content

Thema: Story Telling
Zeit: 9.27 Uhr CET
Autor: uaerosenkranz
Stimmung: begeistert
Musik: Mammah Lu- on radio, von Les Humphries, who died


A Narration


Uwe Alfred Erich Rosenkranz


Columban I. has been injured at Stonehenge in the Year of 400 AD. His later priest Columban II has been travelling along to LeCarnac, when he landed at Isle of St.Michéle in Northern France at 566 AD.

In the 11th Century, ERIC II, dedicated King of Denmark arrived at LeCarnac with 300 horsemen. The CRAB FOG, a supernova dated his landing.

The Old riddle, that he hired from his forefathers lead him to the grave of Columban. He discovered the secret and found a golden shield with a heraldic message, which leaded him to the Holy Land.


I. Prolog – The Old Druide

II. The Crab Fog

III. Fire in the ring of stones

IV. The Riddle-Rhyme

V. Beta-Pi-Taw

VI. The Heritage

VII. The Discovery

VIII. Epilogue – The Promised Land


The early Canaan “beta” (п), the Greek “Pi” (∏,) and the Celtic rune of double “TT” (Ħ, called “Taw” Л), are here figured as:

Beta, Pi, Tot (from Túath- Celtic prince or king),

Today used as “sum of all”; totally



Anamchara – friend of soul, cellmate of a peregrine.

Bangor- Monastery in Northern Ireland.

Cana – spoken law or rule.

Columban II. – Christian monk in the tradition of druids.

Crab Fog- supernova in the year 1054-56, described by Chinese astronomers, appeared to be a light, shiny fog- it came very suddenly, from one day to the other.

Druids- wise men of Celtic culture.

EMUNAH- “The Remarkable”-name of ERIC II.

EVERGOOD – name of ERIC I.

Horsemen- riding soldiers, following the King.

Iona- Island at the coast of Scotland.

Jacobin Way- Pilgrims were wandering this way to the Holy Land.

Kinsmen- sons, cousins and younger relatives.

Knights of St.John – Brotherhood of men in tradition of the Apostle John.

LeCarnac- “Karnack” – place in Northern France- today Bretagne.

Lindisfarne – monastery on the isle of Iona.

Peregrinus, peregrines – people, who were banned and separated from their families, here- Title for priests and monks, who separated their life’s for JESUS CHRIST

St. Michelle – isle at the Bretagne shore in northern France

Stonehenge – Celtic culture ceremonial place in Northern Ireland.

Stonewall- long alley of two walls of ceremonial stone columns.

Summer set – here: south direction, where the sun has its culmination point in summer.

Triangle – geometric figure, triangulation line.

Túath – member of reigning upper class


Shakespear, William. Macbeth, Reclam heft, 1977)

Skakespear, William, Hamlet, Reclam Heft, 1978

Peter Müller, Columbans Revolution. IGW international, 22.7.2007

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Thema: ERIC II.
Zeit: 9.31 Uhr CET
Autor: uaerosenkranz
Stimmung: albern
Musik: Kansas City-Les Humphries Singers


Chapter IV – The Riddle-Rhyme

Eric commanded his leaders into the midst of the stonewall circle. Before they could argue, he explained the specific situation with his sonar voice:

“Dear Sirs, noblemen and honourable infants,” he started to speak loud.

“Please allow me, as your humble servant, to bring to your notice, what the ears of your elders and forefathers would eagerly want to hear for a thousand of years; generation after generation have been waiting for this moment to face, and you have the privilege to feel the fear of this fascinating culmination of time!”

He put his feet step by step from his shield in the centre to the spear in the north.

“Twelve steps to the Northern Land!” he proclaimed.

Without stumbling he stepped towards them to the blank steel of his sword, sticking at the South.

“Thirteen to the Summer Set” –

“Triangle to the root of that” –

“There lies the wise man’s head in bed!”

Chapter V – Beta, Pi, Taw

Just some little guys started laughing and giggling. They had a good pint of beer and liked the fairy tales of mystery and imagination. But, all at once, they stopped, when Eric seriously swore by the Name of the One and Only GOD and broke the seal of silence, which had held this suspicious space time after time under its spell. “JESUS!”- He shouted. Six hundred ears followed King Eric’s Proclamation and no fewer eyes stared at him, when he with the security of a dream dancer went to the altar-like plate of a plain rock, standing between the spear and the sword 5 steps outside of the circle. Lightened by the fire and the stars the figure of the stone built the letter of Beta-Pi-Taw.

Chapter VI – The Heritage

“My Dear Brethren”, whispered young Eric. “Since the days, when my beloved father Eric I. King of Denmark – blessed be his soul, for ever good he was!- lay the burden of kingdom upon my shoulders, this former age riddle was given to my heritage. `T is the word of an Old Druid – Columban was his name! The Irish Monks who first built monasteries in this Britannic Land gave his knowledge to the blood line of the Danish Kings, whose forefathers had been slaughtered by the same fiends, the Anglo-Saxon Walsh Dragon-Shield-Wearers! Never shall their cursed souls come into the circle of council! – A shiver ran down the necks of the brave soldiers, when they heard the fate of blame.

“Old Columban I. was ripped by the same bride of evil at the green fields of Stonehenge, ere he could give the good message to his brotherhood on the isle of Iona!” Eric raised his mighty voice. ”Lindisfarne Love-Song-Bards should bring his dying body to the blessed land. At this place, under the stones, his head has been buried!” 300 mouths stood wide open. “Hurry up, beloved kinsmen, let’s see, what heraldic message Columban´s grave will give to the brave!” – “RAVE, RAVE”- The echoes of Eric’s words came back from the ring of remedy between the Crab Fog from heaven and the herd fire on earth.

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ERIC II – last part

Thema: ERIC-Epilogue
Zeit: 9.37 Uhr CET
Autor: uaerosenkranz
Stimmung: optimistisch
Musik: Where heaven meets the earth- own song


Chapter VII – The Discovery

Fifty men were enough to bear the weight of LeCarnac.

The stones cry, if the good news of the martyrs will not be heard.

Eric’s fulfilled the proof of divine word with the top of his sword.

He unbend the secret of the columns.

Under the solid rock of Columban´s last house, the Knights of St. John found the famous copper shield with golden necklace, showing the seven stars; this old Druid astronomic instrument was built from an unknown master in the fog of former times. Eric took the plate with the inner ring and placed it into the similar plate that stickled under the surface of his own shield. The peaces fit together! He held the navigation instrument against the Northern star and fixed the hole again to the Great Bear. This was the Cairos, the moment, when divine destination showed the whole congregation their direction to the Promised Land, along the Jacobin Way to Jerusalem.

Epilogue – EMUNAH

The Adventure began and some otherstory has to fit all the fabulous tales about Eric II, called EMUNAH by his horsemen, who are worthy to be remembered. But this shall be told another time.

2. Analysis and Evaluation of written essay:

This historical narration is settled in the early middle ages. LeCarnac, a sacred monolith stonewall is the stage of the novel-like scenes. First Columban appears and dies. His character represents the Christian missionary with Celtic-druid cultural background. In the next act Eric II, Prince of Denmark moves on stage.

In order to support the single point of Celtic Culture and its influence on European Christianity, the author shows specific evidence through the authentically historical persona of Eric Emunah.

The King’s character, his astronomical knowledge in the tradition of the druids and his strong belief in Jesus Christ organize the next chapters and connect the content with the main theme.

Coherence is given by the long time lasting heritage and familiar privileges, which combine elements of both cultures. The blessing of his forefathers and the continuity of the bloodline of his Kingdom is used as an issue to affect and transfigure the Priesthood of former ages with leadership in the Christianized European middle ages. The genetic code of the divine destination is described as the missing link between mystery and historical fact.

This essay is based on several sources with a clear message, according to the title. The main point is dealt on by some frame stories, which fit together like a historic puzzle. As a symbol of the defragmentation the two pieces of astronomic shields- as prototypes of modern sextants- are set together. By this means chronological and logical coherence is supported.

Depending on the archaic setting, the Glossary explains the words that are unusual today.

Sentence skills; have been demonstrated obviously, by means of figures, parallelism and symbols from historical drama (like Shakespear´s Macbeth or Hamlet). E.G. the riddle-rhyme uses the dramatic stile of poem and combines it with astronomical knowledge, in order to increase the tension. Strong figures are used, like the symbolism of п, ∏, TT, Ħ, Л, which represent the shape of the altar-stone.

This means can be transported into other cultures to cross communication barriers. (Referring to the ICI-Course “Cross cultural communication”). This can be proofed by using Gnostic knowledge (some say “esoteric”) from Feng Shu, the Asian spirituality. The sign for “Creation Power” appears to look similar to the altar-like desk of Columban´s grave and therefore is giving a link to Jesus-centred belief with an earnest signification of the cross as a symbol for resurrection and spiritual new life in the tradition of the messianic heritage of being a son of GOD.

Arcade wisdom uses such lectures as well as eastern gurus, when teaching with symbolic figures and anagrammed NLP. “KOANs” help to open doors of heart and head and feeling like keywords. “Brecht´s Theatre” (BERTHOLD BRECHT, e.g. ANTIGONE or his arrangement for “Die Neuen Leiden des jungen Werther”) uses this stylistic means by creating an effect of being a foreigner. From this outer look the identification persona (here: ERIC as the main character and identification figure) takes fortune in discovery of a secret. That brings the reader into the option to realize the secret for him from a higher level of recognition. The smart solution to do that in a single stand situation, is not giving force unto the reader, but is leading swiftly to the key point. “Get out of your selfish grave of egocentric isolation!” – This unheard shout sounds from the present state of the art from every line of the essay. This is bringing spiritual freedom.

In the context of Integral Spirituality (Ken Wilber and others, 2007/2008) this progress is actually made in literature. Post-modern writers and thinkers are not only randomly amused, when the contextualization of the Cartesian System with the four coordinates into literature provokes the reader to step out of his self-centred orientation (often just poorly covered as “Jesus-Centred Belief”) into a spiritual communication with individuals beyond himself and the acting characters of the narration.

To tell it easily in own words, the following example may give a mind opening brainstorm. Spelling words in funny English opens the door for playing scrabble games: The sentence “He unbanned the secret of the columns” hints to the name of the Old Druid COLUMBAN.

The historical fact of the appearance of the Crab Fog is transfigured to the natural phenomenon of the crab colonies along the shore of northern France. A kind of deeper irony is demonstrated, when the soldiers grilled the crabs. This is a parabolic image of the priority of rational Christendom over the anxious pagan mysticism. Drinking beer and laughing at fairy tales is interrupted by the proclamation of “Jesus!” We find examples of such scenes to create serious atmosphere in literature, like the “porter scene” in Macbeth.

The flux of chapters is brought to an order of logic, to go straight through the main theme. Attending to reach the aim of unity, support, coherence and sentence skills, the eight chapters fit the idea in the act of the characters. It could have been said with fewer words by arguing on the single point, but the dramaturgical scenario leads the reader into the strange atmosphere, realizing the danger of using archaic language and deadwood phrases. Shakespeare, e.g. would have said „fiends“, instead of „enemies“. A kind of mysterious clockwork would never been mentioned as a modern navigation instrument. (In fact: research discovered, that these instruments first have been mentioned in the 13. century. Raymond Lull, the well-known founder of universities like Sorbonne and Oxford, who used such plates not only as a sextant, but also as a computer, demonstrating his syllogistic framework of spirituality). On the one hand a fine temper between showing sentence skills, which is helpful to create an authenticable atmosphere and the rule of using clear words and correct spelling, is carefully estimated; on the other hand the reader is confronted with a hard stuff. The skills of reading between the lines and feel into the ensemble of scenario are hardly demanded. In a pre-test, the author was reading the story to an A-level-auditory and was surprised, that there was no break of tension. The hearer of the story, even if not all of the details have been understood, could follow the inner spirit of the act and listened carefully. The contents had been remembered and logical mistakes have been corrected. The contrast between former English and writing modern American stile, which is supposed to be normative to be “written in better English”, is chosen, to bring the reader back from bloomy past into cool presence. The tension between over-emphasizing supernatural signs andwonders and presenting error-free sentences with clear intention is used as means to build a bridge between Old-fashioned romanticism and post modernity. As a logical consequence of the historical attitudes, classical elements and stylistic formulas have been used. To my mind the freedom of arts in this novel-like poetry longs for the righteousness of the reader to judge, whether the essay is a true story or a fairy tale. This is because both elements like” tales of mystery and imagination” and words like “worthy to remember” (=EMUNAH) in the epilogue are closing circles, hinting again to the title and character of the narration. One needs to decide the value of information by separating the broken down rough message into a scale of graduation. Avoiding redundancy, which would have caused boring disinterest in a post-modern society, needs a high scale density of digital information.

The outlook “this shall be told another time” encloses this novel into a set of stories.

As a conclusion of the author’s intention to write this story the way he did, one may argue that the leading character Eric II. later on appeared to be the first Templar, known as “Rosenkranz” =ROSARY). This is, because in fact Eric Emunah has been the name-giver of the family, clan or dynasty of Rosenkranz, as a privilege from the Pope, Eric and his horsemen freed from the so called “Babylonian Captivity”. In this constellation the leading character occurs to be the most relevant cornerstone between Ire-Celtic Christianity in the early middle-ages and the reconciliation of the Roman-Catholic Empire in European and worldwide Christhood.

With the present narration I am going to my own historical roots. This short novel is one of the first fruits that efforts in “Writing Better English” bear. Creating a personal, passionate stile has been more important than just being “perfect” (or imperfect- not only from grammatical point of view, but even in space and time).

Please estimate the blood and sweat it may have cost to be so familiar (in the true sense of the word!) with the theme. Today’s English for Foreign Language writing seems to taste a little bitter-sweet, like new vine in old storage. To my humble opinion it’s not too sophisticated to be measured with masterpieces of classic drama, (like Shakespeare), because the overcome of hybris is a goal of downfall, caused by pride. In my case this is the overwhelming theme in a generation-review like condensed in the craft of this art. It has been a hard work, and a young and wise man is better than an old and foolish king.

What do others think about? After analysing and evaluating the essay, I discussed it on an internet platform with international authors. One of them actually sent the content to an English-writing friend, to use the theme for a roman.

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