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Old Books free commons by Archbishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz


The First modern man

aspects of his life and thoughts

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The Tenth Insight- from The Prophecies of Celestine, by ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

The Tenth Insight

If You are looking the film:


You will find 9 Insights.

ArchBishop ROSARY explains to You

These 9 insights and

Leads to the tenth insight.

  1. A change is happening.
  2. New thinking arises.

  1. Energies are flowing

Like the ROSETTA CORNERSTONE, found in the late 1800 rds,

The LIVING CORNERSTONE is presented.

  1. Peace , Love and Harmony are the goals.

  1. He connection to spiritual godly power will be reconstructed.

  1. A New Paradiga will be defined.

  1. Unconciousness gifts will be revealed and sensualized.

  1. A New Generation is fulfilling this culture.

  1. A Different future is created.

  2. THE ROSARY RIDGEBED ROUNDABOUT cornerstone appears

  3. The truth is revealed
  4. …. 10 looser ways identified…
  5. The tenths Insight comes into ovious action:

  6. Here it is, pls watch my film:

10th Insight
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The Vision of St. Joeseph

The Vision of St. Joeseph (Photo credit: Erik Daniel Drost)–Prophecy


Nowadays church needs PROPHECY

More than clergyhood- POPE FRANCIS

Wisdom is

knowledge in practice

Revealed Prophecy

Is GOD´s proof of HIS WORDS.

When looking on this wisdom,

We are in DÁccord

With biblical JOESEPH,

Who could not only tell

his own dreams, but evenso

the dreams of Pharao

and of his inmates in prison.

Far more than revealing

these dream scenario,

JOSEPH was able to work

this out in practice.

He saved his people from

the big famine coming

by this concept of FOOD SECURITY .

Nowadays in our own ministry

we need to dream big

and to act global.

ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

is showing you the proof of GOD

of HIS prophecy, given in

the late 1980ies and 1990ies,

written down in his ebook:

There is a New Heaven and a New Earth

The great Accord with todays

JEWISH AGENCY and it´s Advocats

is shown on Dec. 10th German

Israelcongress at Berlin Town.

  • Water security,
  • food security,
  • cyber security,
  • environment security,
  • public health security
  • and knowledge security

are defined as dramatical impacts

of JUDEO-CHRISTAIN cooperation.

Pls visit us and join in

to our wisdom teaching.


Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

The Santa Starfish Security – Marketing Tips by ArchBishop ROSENKRANZ

Common Starfish (Asterias rubens). This was ta...

Common Starfish (Asterias rubens). This was taken at very low spring tide when the starfish was „caught“ out of the water in South Devon, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

USACE People: Enhancing water security for AFRICOM

USACE People: Enhancing water security for AFRICOM (Photo credit: USACE Europe District)

Pour Le Merite( The Blue Max)

Pour Le Merite( The Blue Max) (Photo credit: Jimmy Big Potatoes)

How the starfish concept leads

to cyber and knowledge security,

by using High Tech strategies

of NIKOLAUS Guerilla methods,

that have been proven successfully

for providing food and water security,

as well as environmental and public health security,

by ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Flut was nun?- Nach der Welle schnelle Hilfe- von Uwe Rosenkranz

English: A rosary found on board the carrack M...

English: A rosary found on board the carrack Mary Rose. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nach der Flut- was nun??-

sofortige Hilfe nach der Welle


Uwe Rosenkranz



Wo gestern noch MOMO der Biber schwamm,

da türmt sich meterhoch der Schlamm.

Was tun nach der Flut?

Wie bekomme ich sofortige Hilfe

Mit der ROSENKRANZ Hügelbeetkultur mit Teich??

Antwort auf diese Fragen gibt die



Hier wird gezeigt, wie mit

  1. Rosary Ridgebed Roundabout Geld gemacht wird von zu Hause
  2. Rosary Ridgebed Roundabout nachhaltig Deichschutz betrieben wird
  3. Rosary Ridgebed Roundabout die Wasserhaltekapazität der Böden verbessert wird
  4. Rosary Ridgebed Roundabout der CO²- Hauhalt optimiert wird
  5. Rosary Ridgebed Roundabout Rekultivierung stattfindet
  6. Rosary Ridgebed Roundabout noch in diesem Jahr gegerntet wird

Bitte schauen Sie sich das Video an und wählen auch Sie

Rosary Ridgebed Roundabout , um auf

dabei zu sein.

Danke, bis dann,

Uwe Rosenkranz

How online and offline business correspond successfully,by ArchBishop ROSARY

Nederlands: Online or offline status zelf in e...

Nederlands: Online or offline status zelf in elkaar geflanst, GNU FDL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How online and offline business correspond successfully

WOW- when I started my Monday morning

Homebusiness, I recognized that 739 new subscribers

Came to my blogs on this weekend!

But how can we let our online and offline business correspond successfully

By using these new leads??

Pls watch my new video to understand

This in particular:

In today´s business world

Entrepreneurs have to take care about

the successfully corresponding online and offline activities.

From my 10 years experience I can give some

Effective tips

How online and offline business correspond successfully:

  • Use actual themes and breaking news to promote your business
  • Make the most benefit from your offline business, when it is right in time
  • Take keywords and tags of breaking news that relate to your offline business
  • Add these MetaTags to increase your online marketing value
  • Take the number of your new blogsubscribers as a measurement
  • Make new blog subscribers become leads of your online business
  • Use EmpowerNetwork websites to spread your breaking news messages
  • The more online and offline business correspond successfully, the more leads you will get
  • Put your offline and online business webpages together
  • Give social proof and testimony about your success in your online and offline business

If you want to see, how my online and offline business correspond successfully,

Pls visit my new webpage

That is related to my first online business website

Pls sign in to my EmpowerNetwork and PureLeverage newsletters.

Follow my teachings at Facebook events on „HOW TO GET RICH“.

ArchBishop ROSARY

Be the Master of your EmpowerNetwork with own branded mobile APPS.-by Uwe Rosenkranz (Team ROSARY)

Mobile App Launch Party attendees line up to h...

Mobile App Launch Party attendees line up to have the pre-release app loaded onto their mobile devices by app developer Jeremy of Spark design. (Photo credit: Desert Rivers Audubon)

Get Rich with EmpowerNetwork with own branded mobile APPS.

How to be successful with your mobile home business

Optimizing ROSARY EmpowerNetwork

Actually, I feel like a chipmonk.-lol

Do you know this little fuzzy animals?

Dancing singing, entertaining – The Show Must Go ON!

While doing home business since 2004,

I tried many things to maintain success.

  • Writing philosophy about getting rich
  • Photo-shootings and video making
  • Setting up Blogs
  • Writing daily essays
  • Composing songs and give them studio quality
  • Branding my business
  • Creating mobile APPs
  • Develop my marketing tools
  • create working directories
  • build up new structures and architecture of internet marketing
  • move my business into comforting environments

Driving with my mobile Bureau and working from off road in the Greens is much fun!

Enjoying lifestyle meanwhile relaxing on the balcony, our terrace or our garden pool is

Giving you inspiration and recreation.

Video interviews on the streets provide authentic

Investigative journalism and can be published from mobile studio van.

Now, mobile APPs are a great help for publishing

Website entries, blog posts and multimedia contents

Live on air.

Even your blog subscribers can use

These Apps to edit and re-authorize your

Blog threads and spread your themes around

Their empowernetwork.

This multiplies your broadcasting power

And gives you just-in-time wealth for your breaking news.

When you want to pay a programmer

To develop your own EmpowerNetwork

Mobile Application, it may cost you about

8,000 – 10,000 $, branding it

Can easily tie another 2,000 bucks

Out of your wallet.

So, why not taking a little time and

Create your own branded EmpowerNetwork app

And optimize it for your successful home business?

We show you step by step, how

To design your dedicated app

And how to use it with more fun

And most efficiency.

Pls check out our apps on and .

These apps deliver a whole shopping system

And gives your EmpowerNetwork blog

The mobile app appearance.

But- wait! – we have so much more in the pipe!

If you are in our mastermind inner circle,

You are authenticated to get access rights

For our optimized EmpowerNetwork mobile apps


Did you think, that 10 years of successful

Home business is qualifying and giving the social proof

To educate more than 7,700 communities on

„How to get Rich“??

Yes, maintaining these advanced „Chip Monk“ tools

Turns the keys to your successful home business

With ROSARY EmpowerNetwork.

So, pls come on board.

Just click on

To be in our team ROSARY.

Your welcome!

Uwe AE. Rosenkranz

Sales engineer

Founder of RMI

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