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Holy Week at Santhome Basilica, Chennai (HDR)

Holy Week at Santhome Basilica, Chennai (HDR) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 BECAUSE HE LIVES • Gloria Gaither, 1942– • William J. Gaither, 1936– • Because I live, you also will live. (John 14:19) • Christ’s resurrection is our guarantee of at least two basic truths: First, He has the power to give His life to us and to bring us ultimately to glory to reign with Him forever. And second, His resurrection makes it possible for Him to live in our hearts and to be an integral part of our daily living. •…

The Christian’s Secret of a Holy Life
Free Gifts of Love • • Last night my agonizing prayers for the realized presence of Jesus seemed to reach a climax. It seemed as if He had to hear and answer, and when ten o’clock came and there was no sign, my heart sank lower than ever. And I felt that there must be some mistake somewhere. His gifts cannot be so hard to get; the Bible declares just the opposite, and I prayed earnestly that any mistake, whatever …
• “This do in remembrance of me.” • — 1 Corinthians 11:24 • It seems then, that Christians may forget Christ! There could be no need for this loving exhortation, if there were not a fearful supposition that our memories might prove treacherous. Nor is this a bare supposition: it is, alas! too well confirmed in our experience, not as a possibility, but as a lamentable fact. It appears almost impossible that those who have been …
My Utmost for His Highest
•  • The supreme climb • Take now thy son, . . .and offer him there for a burnt-offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of. Genesis 22:2. • Character determines how a man interprets God’s will (cf. Psalm 18:25-26). Abraham interpreted God’s command to mean that he had to kill his son, and he could only leave this tradition behind by the pain of a tremendous ordeal. God could purify his faith in no other …
Thoughts for the Quiet Hour
 • Consider how great things he hath done for you • 1 Sam. 12:24 • Look back on all the way the Lord your God has led you. Do you not see it dotted with ten thousand blessings in disguise? Call to mind the needed succor sent at the critical moment: the right way chosen for you, instead of the wrong way you had chosen for yourself; the hurtful thing to which your heart so fondly clung, removed out of …

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