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Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit dove window

• Your letter has helped me to realize that what I have experienced has been truly the baptism of the Holy Spirit, although not with such manifest distinctness as in your case. But, however we may express it, the experience and its results are essentially the same with everyone. I feel, for instance, that although my experience was so very quiet, it must have been a real baptism of the Holy Spirit,…

It sounds good, when someone sais:“

I am gifted, i am skilled!“-

but how often does it only sound good,

but when proofed in pedth,

all vanishes into the

White Trash“.

The shit storm of the bankrupted

white middel class of US Amrica

trys to infect all europe currency.

11 Billion homes have been conficated by banks,

because bills could not been paid or

bank simulates that payment is not allowed to be recieved

to solve the liquid lack.

Where is the HOLY SPIRIT in

this wild western stile of Turbo-Boost CAPITALIZM?

One must not be a Democ-Rat, neither a socialist

and have to take the orange suit and be locked in

to see, that wellfare of a whole culture cannot be

guaranteed by this economical and moral trend.

Chinese communists (who have been trained after the german

Jew son and Christian „CARL Marx„) are better economical and familar

householders and seem to be more baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT!-

SORRY, i once have to write this,

and You better open Your ears and eyes

to get this warning through the line.

But there are ways out of that crisis-

not by electing so called Santas,

who proclaim the only role of

a state governement is to strengthen

the army.

You could „properly“ sell so much daily devotion ebooks,

and never ever get the wisdom, that making money is not allways fair,

when, if, and in case of acting so, it´s only worse to others,

so their is no common benefit, but only transgression of

lack, because there is no worth and no value,

neither moral/ethical nor economical.

To get out of that hamster wheel-

or better call it „satanic circle“-

use Bonus- Shopping-

pls meet Bishop ROSARY´s team.




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