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don´t carry a worldly, heavy joke- but a light, heavenly joke.

Founded on Jesus Christ

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• Do ye now believe? • By this we believe . . . Jesus answered, Do ye now believe? John 16:30-31. • ‘Now we believe.’ Jesus says—‘Do you? The time is coming when you will leave Me alone.’ Many a Christian worker has left Jesus Christ alone and gone into work from a sense of duty, or from a sense of need arising out of his own particular discernment. The reason for this is the absence of the resurrection life.


There are several denominations and colours of believing in CHRIST, MESSIAH, JESHUAH , JESUS, MAHATMA, METREYAH, just to call upon few. But there is only one BODY, one corpus and one unifying odeur of belief, the CREDO like it is used in the ROSARY PRAYER CHAIN.

This is our fundamentum in Christum Jesum.

As co-workers we invite You kindly to pray with us on this blog and/or meet us in private prayer and meditation room. You can evenso get Your own labelling room with Arch-Bishop ROSARY by clicking on the link.


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[…] don´t carry a worldly, heavy joke- but a light, heavenly joke. ( […]

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