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Monks Toil Endlessly

Monks Toil Endlessly (Photo credit: Sam Howzit)

Dangers Toils & Snares

What Are the Traps the Enemy Plans to Set For You?

News stories about pastoral indiscretions abound today—an embezzlement this week, adultery the next. Every Christian’s life is filled with temptation, but spiritual leaders seem to be prime targets for Satan’s attacks. Most pastors find themselves faced with moral temptation of some kind. They are party to intimate details of other people’s sexual lives. They find themselves in positions of power and authority. Even as they work to help others, the voices of lust, pride and ambition whisper:

“It doesn’t hurt to just think about it.”

“This church is a success because of all the things I’ve done.”

“How can I move my career even further ahead?”

More than ever, pastors need moral wisdom and strength. Jesus calls for it. The integrity of their lives and ministries demands it. Now, three experienced pastors explain how temptation can be met and defeated in Dangers, Toils and Snares, the fifth volume of Mastering Ministry’s Pressure Points.

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