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Engaging the Closed Minded
You know them:
friends and coworkers
family members you love
They aren’t interested in the Bible or Jesus.
Author Dan Story tackles one of the most difficult problems you may ever face in sharing your faith–engaging minds that are tightly closed against the good news of Jesus Christ. Some people may talk about religion–for the sake of a good argument–but they don’t really listen to what you are saying with an open mind.

Tough situations like these demand more than good intentions–they require insight into the thinking and attitudes of people who have shut themselves off from the truth. Engaging the Closed Minded not only provides principles that work but shows how to use them in real-life conversations and situations. You will learn

how to get a fair hearing in discussions
how to respond to misconceptions about Christianity
how to identify obstacles to faith that surface during conversations
how to address non-Christian worldviews and beliefs
how to reason persuasively and logically
how to establish a point of contact as a springboard


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