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^UR• Choose you this day whom ye will se

^UR• Choose you this day whom ye will serve • Josh. 24:15 • Choice And Service—these were demanded of the Israelites; these are demanded of you, these only. Choice and service—in these are the whole of life. • Mark Hopkins •…

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Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Evangelicalism’s most eminent scholars have labored over the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible to make it an indispensable tool for all who study Scripture.

The general editor, Walter Elwell, earned everyone’s respect with his Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. His associate editors are trusted authors and editors in their own right: Peter Craigie, J. D. Douglas, Robert Guelich, R. K. Harrison, and Thomas McComiskey.

The Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible satisfies and delights a wide range of Bible students. Beginners find it understandable; the more advanced discover it to be far more thorough and complete than any Bible dictionary.

More than 5,700 articles have been written by more than 175 scholars from North America and around the world, scholars such as Robert Mounce, Edwin Yamauchi, Moisés Silva, Robert Stein, F. F. Bruce, Bruce Waltke, I. Howard Marshall, Willian S. LaSor, Leon Morris, and Colin Brown.

This encyclopedia contains, among many valuable features, mini-commentaries on each book of the Bible, extensive articles on essential biblical teachings, omnibus articles treating various cultural aspects of biblical times, and more than 600 photos, maps, and illustrations.

The Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible consists entirely of new articles; it is not a revision. Among its contributors are most of American evangelicalism’s best scholars. It contains more than 2,000 oversized pages of text, written in language that people can understand.

In short, the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible has set a new standard for Bible Dictionaries and encyclopedias.


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