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28.Sept. 2010 Bitz

This essay ist the startup of a philosophical framework concerning the so called celtic culture. It is intended to break down the ideas and illusional buildings, that cover the free sight unto the cross of JESUS Christ.

1. The decrease of the postmodern humanism, including the neoliberal economical theorems:
2. The raising intelligence of the aerean and jewish race in the celtic culture zone:
3. Goodbye to the Platonical and Aristothelic Philosophers:
4. The nonsense of the Pragmatical western alliance:
5. The metaphysical element of modern science and life care:

1 ) In Europe, that is aequal to the celtic influenced culture zone,the credo of the socalled “C”-parties is: “Unity in Varity!”
This is an illusion. Why? 1. ..there is no UNITY; 2. there is no varity.
Europe is dominated by powers who rule with the evil spirits in the airwaves. Their philosophy depends on middle age nonsense theorems, that are brushed up to be New Age neoliberal economical science. It does not work and it is obvious.
To “stabilize” the imagined system-relevant money and wealth owning upperclass of suggested 1-2.000 more or less human beings, Billions of € are pumped into these foolish channels. On the other hand, children, Families and social nets are closed down.
Scenarios where rich people flee into the djungles may be seen at .

2 ) Own research on the matter of Global Warming and the pro´s and con´s of a Jesus-centred lifestyle on a secular workingplace show, that there are few or less Christian intelligence solutions on that now evident problems. Jewish gene-factor is estimated to bring heavenly insight and light to the nations. The cultural loss of the socalled aerean race, that leaded to the Holocaust, brought every civilized culture in celtic zone down to ground zero. The upcoming intelligence, that some intent to state in a new eugenetic as descendants of Jabez´, who was the most blessed under his brothers, actually are discredited through anti-Semitic issues of multiplicators like Sarrazin.
Even in ISRAEL, struggles from inside jewish orthodox intelligencia between Ashkenasi and Sephardim occur. The muslim (descendents from Abrahams son with the dame Haggar, Ishmael) seem to increase more naturally in population, but do not really be up to date concerning science, moral and ethical standarts of human rights.
ISRAEL and the jewish race spread throughout the nations are well established in the economical and political global wealth but are now willing to do more than they should according to the law of Mosis, to help the world go round.
So, where shall help come from??

3 ) Philosophical schools and traditions are mostly based on the almost forgotten Greece philosophers, mainly in person of Aristotl and Plato. Remakes with postmodern emerging networks appear to be nonsatisfying even in analysing the real problems and full of esotheric stuff, that shall seem to be a little Chinese wisdom, a bit Buddish but allway Shamanistic bullshit. The credo is: “Don´t teach me!” lol!

4 ) As suggested to be the answer on the jewish-christian “old European” direction and the Greece tradition the western- US controlled domain shall become the pragmatical synthesis of the cultures. E.G. Global warming or finance crisis are not even recognized or randomly solved at the surface of the problems in the United state and its alliance. “In GOD we trust” as the New World Order of $-System broke down latest at 9-11 2001 as well as the Marxist-Leninist system of the materialistic former sowiet union.

5 ) This leads to the opportunities that are offered by the celtic culture club as heiritage of the roman empire, united by the currency €.
Europe has one unique Non-Selling Factor: The mystical philosophy of the celtic/Gallic lifestyle, that gave the power of Renaissance.
Following my notes in the essay “ERIC II, Emunah”, research focussed on the supernatural force and wisdom of iro-celtic Christian monks, that influenced the whole known culture by building 300 + monastries in one generation.
Modern science and lifecare operates with pre-Renaissance methods.
Especially medicine, law, heraldic, politics, and architecture depend on illusions, that should have been brought down in the early middle ages. The metaphor “ Unity in Varity” reduces this to a handsome devilish decrease of intelligence and human resources.
So, mystical elements of celtic culture, like the art of “Hildegard von Bingen” are reconcealed by the Roman-Catholic (German) Pope Benedict XVI.
At this point my own studies and practice of mystical celtic-christian wisdom and insights will fit.
That is, because non of the above shown lacks of philosophy and lifestyle appeared.
So, my destination of writing a Philosophy for the celtic culture zone is “proofed by the pudding”.


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