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BACHELOR degree and upgrade WP

Hey, friends,

now I am Second Bachelor of Art in Religious Education
at Global University,Springfield, Missouri, USA.
We met at Assamblies of GOD central and had
Commencement Ceremony in the River Clerk AGo Chapel in Branson, MO.
It was a really great day and we visited the Musical
ARCHE NOAH – magnificent!

So, wearing the black robe and cap with red tessel on the left,
we are still covered with the shawl of ROSARY Ministries International, Tenali, AP, INDIA
we pray and stay!

NEWS: We are connected now by domain

..we are going to raise funds using our social media sites
and our NON profit and buziness pages.
Pls. keep in touch!
We have had 10% growth since 9-11-9
so, be part of the winning dream team
and participate through donation, prayer or education.


Reverend Bishop Uwe A.E.Rosenkranz
²nd BA Religious Education
1rst BA Org. engineering

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