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When researching for Celtic Philosophy, that influenced the spiritual developement in Europe in the early middle-ages, I found some remarkable hints of my own roots.

ERIK II was one of the first Christian Kings, who fought with 300 Knights and horsemen against the Muselmanii. He freed Europe from Islamic Power, when the Wealth of the Roman Empire was overthrown. ERIK went to the JESUS- based locations in Jerusalem. He found the tempel district and took it out of the Osmanic-Turkish concerers. After that the visited the Pope, who then took residance in France, at Avignon (and Toulouse).The Pope handled a ROSARY Prayer-Chain to ERIK II. EMUNE. According to this superiour gift of honour he owned the heirable privilege to calle himself „ROSENKRANZ“ = „ROSARY“. So the family name was created.

The mortual in reminescence is delivered as an anecdote, listed at WIKIpedia:

Erik II Emune (c. 1090 – July 18, 1137) was king of Denmark between 1134 and 1137. He was an illegitimate son of Eric I of Denmark. His nickname means „the Memorable“. Erik awarded this title to himself after defeating his uncle, Niels, at the Battle of Fotevik (Fodevig) (1134), thus clearing his way to the throne.

Erik married Malmfrid of Kiev, the daughter of Grand Duke Mstislav of Kiev and Princess Christine of Sweden. Christine was a daughter of Ingold I and Helena, possibly originating from the Eastern Roman Empire. Malmfrid was the former wife of King Sigurd I of Norway. King Sweyn III of Denmark was Erik’s illegitimate son.

A harsh and unpopular ruler, he died at Urnehoved Ting in 1137, struck down by a local nobleman, Sorteplov. According to legend, Sorteplov asked permission to approach the king, carrying a spear in his hand with a block of wood (a so-called „kefli“) protecting the tip. Having deemed that King Erik wore no mail underneath his tunic, he kicked off the kefli, and drove his spear right through the king.

King Erik’s nephew Erik Håkonssøn stepped forward with sword in hand, but the nobleman told him to calm down, seeing as how he – Erik – was next in line for the throne, being the only adult male in the royal family: „Put away thine mace, young Erik. A juicy piece of meat hath fallen in thine bowl!“

Still according to legend, Sorteplov escaped with his life.“

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